Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week #30 Letter finally arrived!

I didn't bare my testimony this week.( I had asked him if he bore his testimony in church.) Every week the same people run to the stand to bare their testimony. Wow the Churchball kings continue. I hope Caleb(a friend who was sick) and Cole are alright. That's when we learn that seatbelts actually have a purpose. Wow its weird that Katie is already in Young Womens. Thanks for the spiritual thought too. Flipping Seahawks, I wanted them to win. 

Well for the first time in my mission I am leaving. I´m going to Xuhuento zona de Prados. It's not on the mission map so I have no Idea where I´m going. My compañero will be Elder Espinosa. What I know of him is that he will be finishing his mission soonish. I will be señor companion. Elder Toro will train. Elder Mendez will be zone leader in Ciudad Labor. Elder MacInnes junior companion.

This week summary, 

Started out kinda funny. We now go the the Vargas´s house a lot because we also teach Alejandra there sometimes. In the house there is an old grandpa who always gives us a hug and says something like "Thank you for being an amazing representative of Jesus Christ and for being in my house." This time he hugged me and said with a laugh "Ah, my dear white boy! How are you? This is your house" and then grabbed my hand and kissed it. It was kinda weird, but funny at the same time. 

Alejandra: She confuses me. We taught and verified the Law of Chastity and word of wisdom after teaching the Doctrine of baptism and repentance. She finally admitted to having problems. We then had a lesson with the Vargas family and her about the holy ghost and recognizing an answer. In the end I thought to share my experience. In my life I have never had a "boom" moment of confirmation from God, but that my testimony came little by little. I didn't recognize my answer for 18 years, but now I know that the things I have learned and lived are true, I cannot deny them. She felt the spirit a lot, then this Sunday she didn't show up...

Jose Luis y Michelle: I know that they will be baptized. They are converted. Michelle also went to the New Beginnings with another young woman and her family. She took the initiative in asking her to give her a ride. She really wants to be a part. Jose Luis also said that after reading the Book of Mormon he has a change of vision. They are both doing great. Also today they invited us to eat with them. We ate with their family and in the end, the wife of Jose Luis thanked us for finding Jose Luis and changing him. She said that she has seen the changes in him and in Michelle. I hope that Elder Toro and his next companion can teach the whole family.

Well that is basically it for this week. I will need you prayers in this next area.
Love you
Elder Finlinson

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