Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter #29....a few set backs.


News of the Investigators. 
Michelle (Hija de Jose Luis): she is really strong with the spirit, she has a real desire to learn and get baptized. This week, we taught her the Word of Wisdom, we asked her if she had any problems and she said no originally, we testified about it, and then promised blessings that she will receive if she continues. Then we were about to end with a prayer when she said she wanted to say something. She drank a bit of alcohol on new years... we testified of repentance and that God loves her and is grateful for her honesty. She then said she had drank coffee in the past few days and then just poured out her heart with everyone of her worries and needs. It was amazing. She needs some time for the repentance process before her baptism on Feb 22. Then Michelle said that her dad had smoked in the past 30 days....

Jose Luis: We could never get an appointment until Thursday. We planned to do a practice baptismal interview to help him to understand the sacredness of baptism and to truly repent. Basically the same thing happened. We did the interview and he read question number 4 (the worst one, where if you have problems with it you need an interview with President) he said no. We went on to the Word of Wisdom and he said no problems... we were confused and then he said he wanted to read #4 again. He then said he had done one of those things. He will also need time for repentance and an interview with President. We needed to verify the commandments for a 4th time. His new date is for Feb. 22 with his daughter.

Alejandra and Juan Pablo: they´re doing OK. We taught the Law of Chastity to them and they said that there is nothing wrong. Then when we commited her to live the commandment she seemed hesitant. That worries me. They couldn't come to church this week either because they were gone. Their baptismal date fell.  We will try to put a new one for Feb 15.

We couldn't go to the Visitors Center. Presidente said that the ward was going to leave too late for us to go. 

Great to hear from you all. Challenge for this week: Read the Book of Mormon this week personally with a question in mind and have that in your mind while you read. I can promise you that the scriptures tell us all the things we need to do. We can learn something new everytime because our situations are different.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

Transfers are next week so I asked Andrew what his preference was, transfer or stay in the area. This was his response: I would like a different area, but without having to pack up my stuff and I want to have Alejandra, Juan Pablo, Jose Luis, Michelle, and a few of the members. I don't think it's very possible... but that would be ideal. ha ha

 I started the "question every week" thing with the President and he responded. I asked how he and his wife felt when they were called. He said, overwhelmed and stuff but also that he had an interview with President Uchtdorf!

                        Elder Mendez (District leader), Andrew, Elder Toro, and Elder McInness

Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter #28

It will be hard to prepare Jose Luis. We already taught him the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and he doesn't have problems with that, we just need to have the other littler lessons. It's hard to teach him for lack of time. We will try to do the impossible. Also if all goes well we might go to the visitors center with Alejandra and her sons. Maybe Michelle and Jose Luis. The ward "says" they will bring investigators too. I hope so, that would be an amazing experience.
Something to teach in Family Home Evening Preach My Gospel based on the quotes from the prophets in the end of chapter one. Every Member a Missionary. Most people think of missionaries when they hear "mission work". Missionaries purpose is to help the members fulfill THEIR missionary responsibilities. Mission Manual (the little white bible) in the section of the members. 
Tender Mercies of the Lord... I haven't seen anything tender, but here´s a "miracle" story. After 3 or 4 appointments with Alejandra and her sons this week we have seen a lot of changes. Her sons always ask her when "los hermanos" are going to come. She has begun to read the Book of Mormon a lot more and reads the assigned chapter and from the start of the book also. She then went to church after saying she most likely won´t be able to. In the church she shared a story. A friend was bothering her about listening to the Mormons and saying that this life is for partying and God will forgive us in the end because He loves us. She then bore her testimony to him and said she has seen the blessings that the gospel brings and then taught him the plan of salvation. She is amazing. Also please pray for her. Her mom and sister are trying to kick her out of the house, she lost her job, and her separated husband won't give her money to pay for the kids. Even with that she is strong and keeps going with a smile. 

P.S. how do I write them my testimony? For mail, e-mail, who`s e-mail?

Good to see you all are alright,
Love you
Elder Finlinson 
(Also if it's possible I heard of a Spanish to English dictionary that has pictures and is by topics too. It has helped a lot of missionaries. It's called "the firefly Spanish/English visual dictionary" Jean-Claude Corbell Ariane Ardambault "Firefly books" (I want to dominate the language, not just speak and get by.))
                                                   Beautiful Sunrises over Mexico City

                                         Christmas gifts...pajamas and Harry Potter snuggie

Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter #27

The week. I had exchanges this week with Elder MacInnes in his area. Right now things are really good and kind of hard at the same time. Jose Luis has a baptismal date for January 25th (moved back from the 14th) and His daughter Michelle has one for February 8th. They both are progressing a lot. We will have lessons with them a lot this week because we explained that for their baptisms they need to complete  certain requirements. Alejandra and her son Juan Pablo had a fecha (baptismal date) and were going to go to church until a guy called her and said he was sorry he couldn't fix her car on Saturday like he said and that he was going to fix it at the same time as church... They both say they really want to be baptized. She doesn't work in a bar anymore either.
I did use the Harry Potter snuggie because it decided to freeze over in the mornings. I love the thing. The music was stellar. I love the Paul Cardall one (music) and we use it a lot. The pictures were sick! I could finally show the other elders how Utah is. The next transfer is February 3. I don't think I will be able to see Michelle, Alejandra, or Juan Pablo get baptized. (He thinks he will probably be transferred.) We will move apartments on February 2 I think. The neighbors aren't back.

Well this week, I learned a lot about "why are we here" We had appointments fall and I decided to do something about it, trusting that God is preparing people and putting them in our path. We have contacted every time an appointment falls and have found other people to teach. Also I have been Studying Preach My Gospel a lot more. They say that every member should have one and study it. "Every Member a Missionary" - David O McKay. It also has a lot of scriptures and strengthens our testimony in the basics. 

(I asked if he had any pictures to send. This was his reply.) Not really. I don't bring my camera around. In Mexico that isn't safe. I have some sunrises...

Love you
Elder Finlinson

Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter #26

With the people we teach, this week was hard. The only lessons we had weren't planned. A lesson would fall through and we asked ourselves, "Why are we here?". Every lesson this week fell besides one with a less active who has a testimony of nothing and basically doesn't want to return. We lost 2 investigators, Monica who we recently started to teach and Sandro who had baptismal dates before. He just doesn't want to keep the commitments that we leave with him, so he told us, its better that we just not waste our time. Jose Luis is never there when we go for our lessons. We contacted his daughter and she is a bit more excited. She came to church with him a week ago and had questions. The only bright spot of this week was that Alejandra said she really wants to get baptized. She has a date for February 1st. Hopefully we can prepare her and have the lessons. Oh and also in ward counsel we talked about mission work for the first time so that was cool. Daniel and Gerrardo don't want to listen or change. 

Comix hamburgers (I asked what he ate last week at the restaurant). On Monday its 2 for 1. The sons of the Stake President- Jorge was assistant to the president in the mission 5 years ago, Daniel- 23 yrs, high counsel over mission work, David-21 Elders quorum president. All served missions. They cooked every time, but that one.( They ate with the Stake President's family 3 times the week before so I asked Andrew if they ate out all three times or if they cooked some of the times.) Jorge invited us and paid for us because he was going back to Austria where he works as an engineer. 

Chris doesn't write me much so I don't know ( A friend I asked about). Sometimes I send the week report to Austin, I haven't e-mailed Dallin much. Only Austin emails me a little short message. 

New years was quite the experience. December 31 we did our normal stuff and opened the door to go work. We share a gate with our neighbor which for the first time in my mission was shut. The neighbors weren't there. We looked for a key, but we don't have one. Long story short we were locked in our house. I cleaned my stuff and then we did our weekly planning. January 1 finally someone came to help us (our ex-mission leader) he pried the door open with a hammer screwdriver. He basically broke the gate. The good thing is that he helped us and we were able to leave and work. The neighbors still aren't back. 

Thank you so much for the gifts. I got them finally. I loved the bubble wrap... and some of the others too. The ties were awesome and all the other stuff. I really like the pajamas, they`re super comfy. Elder Mendez says I look ridiculous in them, but I don't care.(I got him a camo union suit from Lazy One for his p.j's) Elder Toro also loved his stuff. Everything was super nice. Thank you so much!!
I got both.( I asked him if he received both packages.) I didnt open the snuggie yet!! I was thinking that I would be transfering to a new area at the start of February so I didn't risk opening it. I thought it was a blanket and it would be hard to put back in. Haha that's flipping awesome though. 

I put in other insoles.(At Christmas he showed us the big hole in the insole of his shoe, at first we thought it was his shoe!) It's all good. For my birthday... I don't know, really I have everything I need. Maybe if you guys could pick your favorite scripture and write your testimony of that scripture. I really don't know. (If anyone wants to send me their favorite scripture with their testimony, I will send it to him. I would need them within a week. Email me at I hope to have lots to send him!)

Love you,
Elder Finlinson