Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #33

Zone conference was good. We watched Meet the Mormons in Spanish. Then we got instruction from the President and his wife and zone leaders. We learned how we need to work with members always and that the bishop is the key to mission work. Nopales are fried and with things like what you said. ( The cactus he eats. They use them in tacos, salads, soups etc.)

We got one new investigator. It was cool. We went to the house of a recent convert who is learning about preach my góspel. He was asking us questions, then I said he and Elder Espinoza could do a practice teaching me. Then in walks his family. His mom was recently baptized, but the rest no. Elder Espinoza and I taught with Thomas, the recent convert, to his family. Other than that this week was rough. We had every day filled with appointments and members to come with us. The appointments fell through and the members cancelled on us almost every time.

Jose Luis and Michelle got baptized!! (The investigators from his last area.)

I got the package with the testimonies and stuff. That was really cool to see. Thank you all so much for that. I thought that I would share my own. Right now my favorite scripture is Alma 37 verse 6,7. By small means the lord brings about the salvation of many souls. One small decisión can make all the difference. Saying hi to a dude in the street. Knocking a door one more time. Being exactly obedient, instead of in most things. Following the spirit one time. Also doing the small things like read the scriptures, pray, and going to church. These small things bring the salvation.

Also yesterday I woke up with a fever of 38.5 degrees. It got up to a bit more that 39 degrees celsius at one point. (102.+degrees fahrenheit) I couldn't go to church or work. I just sat in the house all day which was horrible because we didn't have anything of food. I feel a bit better today. I also have a cough and my body just hurt. We did shop today. (For food).

For birthdays we get a candybar from president. (I asked if the mission did anything special for birthdays, since his is this week.)

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                                                                      Prados Zone
                 Andrew said, "Twinkies were never lost they were just disguised in Mexico!"

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