Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter # 43

Chicken feet: nasty little things. There isn't meat, it is like fat and hard skin. Yeah you suck on it.
The man who accepted a baptismas date is never home and says he is really busy right now and probably can't do much until the end of May.  We are going to see when we can skype, we hope to do it on Sunday at 5, but it will be one at a time. 40 minutes. I´m excited for Vocal Point (music we sent to him). I don't know how many letters I receive each week. I collect the letters once a month normally. Things are good with my companion. Sometimes he gets homesick a little and its hard to get him to talk to the people (like contacting and stuff) he's more shy with that stuff. We are friends and all though. I found a scripture to help him yesterday, it's Matthew 19:29 I think.

 I can't respond to much because this computer is trash. That is why I couldn't write much. I also don't dare plug in my camera here to send photos. Also they have crappy holidays here called Kids day, teenager day, and young adult day. All in May and end of April. It's like Mother's day or Father's day.

Which talk is that? ( I sent him some quotes from a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland Ensign Nov. 2005)

This week something cool happened. I went to the junta de zona and Elder Toro was there.(Elder Toro is the first missionary Andrew trained.) He is in my district now. So really what is happening this week is a little hard. All the people we are teaching  aren't progressing. They won't accept baptism, or the Church. We are having to almost start over again. We are contacting a lot more and are asking for references but we don't have a lot of support from members here. We are doing all we can to find new people to teach. We are also doing more service hoping that that will soften the hearts of the members. All in all this week was hard. The appointments were dropping like crazy and I´m not sure what I can do. I am searching for that revelation right now.

The invitation. This week I have read about gaining a testimony and conversion. I would like you to read the talk from David A. Bednar about testimony and conversion and also Helaman 15:5-8 The first verses say that the people were converted and what happened as a result of their conversion. The last verses say how we receive a testimony.

Come ready on Sunday with questions and things to share!

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                             Older picture of Andrew and the Mexican pictures this week. 

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