Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, May 11, 2015

Letter #44

It was great to talk to you guys again. Well if you could pray for Rosa and Justino, they need to get divorced and married so that the process goes quickly. Also for Nayelli and Giovani. They are close to accepting baptism, they just need a little something more. That's great that you are starting your scripture study again! I am in Mosiah 19 in Spanish, its not everyday, but almost. 

This week we worked a lot with members. We are not getting discouraged, but motivated. We are seeing the trials and the difficulties and they help us to try harder and grow. We are contacting more and asking for references of people to teach more efficiently. We are growing our love for the people we serve by learning about them and really searching the way to help them. We have seen the results increase and I am feeling the guide of the spirit more abundantly!

I love the Book of Mormon. I can honestly say that it does bring strength and that if we read with faith, we will be able to receive the guidance that God wants to give us. I was studying today the faith. There are some key points to faith. Elder Bednar said they are: 1. assurance (hope) 2. Action  3. Evidence. I was pondering on this. Sometimes we start with little faith, but when we start to learn and "feast upon the words of Christ" our faith and hope in Christ increase. We begin to Hope for things in the Future and for that we start to Act in the Present. When we take that leap of faith we receive  "the testimony after the trial of our faith" or the evidence that Christ will help us. Following that process of hoping, acting, and seeing the evidence, along with constant feasting on the words of Christ will help us to return to the presence of God and our capacity to support the trials of this life will be expanded. 

The invitation is that you can start this process by "feasting upon the words of Christ" daily.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

As I have been in the mission I have learned a lot about families and that we are given the family that we have for a reason. I know that I have been given the mom that God knew that I needed. Thank you for all your support and love even though I may have resisted at times. 
Happy Mother´s Day
I love you,
Elder Finlinson

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