Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, June 8, 2015

Letter #48

***(These are answers to questions I asked this week.) This time 5 inactive and 4 investigators with a baptismal date.( Asked if all of the people that came last week to church came again.) I have used that dictionary every once in a while to help my vocab.( A book we sent a while ago.) It was cool. The son thought it was cool because I knew the words to the English songs from Shakira.( I had asked him if he sang along to the Shakira songs that were playing while they were cleaning at someone's house last week.)The teenage rebels, we saw them in the street and talked with them. They showed off their new piercings so we stopped by later that day to planch them. They then took out the piercings.

Sounds like Camp Helaman was solid. ( A Young Men's camp about preparing for missions that Connor went attended.)

Favorite thing or something funny about each companion. Elder Candelario sang "I am walking on sunshine" everytime it poured rain. Elder Toro can't dance, but pretends he can. Elder Espinoza would sneeze, but when he did, it was like 8 continuous sneezes. Elder Morfin taught me that instead of saying "bless you" when someone sneezes you can say "sancho" and it means basically "someone just took your girl". So it always cracks me up when someone sneezes.

Well I will not be changing areas. I am staying in Xahuento with Elder Morfin, but I am now the District Leader. In my district there are 5 companionships including the zone leaders. I will be trained tomorrow (I think) and will have to train the district on Wednesday. I am a little nervous for the whole thing. I don't see myself as a Leader. 
This week we had a huge rain storm on Saturday. The rivers in the streets were almost at mid shin. Elder Morfin and I GOT SOAKED. We also had to go back early on Saturday at 7:00 and we couldn't work on Sunday for the Elections. (Apparently things go nuts here during elections.) Also Elder Morfin and I had studies with Elder Candelario (assitant) and Elder Hansen (zone leader) it was great to hear their advice and to be with them. 

Something that I was thinking a lot about this week was the Sacrament. I had been praying all week to feel that God was really with me. During the sacrament I had a feeling to really focus on what was being said. I listened carefully to every word and said a prayer while waiting for the bread. I felt the spirit so strongly and felt really for the first time the Power of the ordinance of the Sacrament. 

I know that the Sacrament is of God and is something that we need. We can feel its power by repenting and keeping our convenants. The invitation is that you can really focus during the Sacrament next Sunday and feel the power of the Sacrament.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                                                                   Prados Zone
                 Andrew with Elder Candelario (his former trainer), Elder Morfin and Elder Hansen
                                                                   Barrio Tultepec

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