Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter # 49

Really my feet don't hurt, they are wet in the rain, but they don't hurt.(* I asked him if his feet hurt walking around that much being soaking wet.)  President just sends the changes to the zone leaders unless you are changing to go to the offices (secretary or assistant). (*I asked him how he hears about the new callings. If the President calls or sends an email etc...) Right now we eat in all the ward. We have to travel to other areas in our ward to eat. President wants to take that away. Also we won't be able to eat with the other Elders (that basically means we wont be able to enter the house to eat with the family because normally there isn't an adult male in the house. In that case we either take the food to our house and return the dishes or they give us money to buy food.) We eat chicken almost every day....(*I asked him who fed them each day and how that works because they have so few members in his area.)

Well the first week as District leader was solid. The District training went Amazingly. I have never received so much revelation in my life. It even was coming to me in dreams this week to help my district. It really is a blessing being a leader. I`m more focused and more motivated, really I am feeling the Spirit more every day. The District meeting was about how to begin teaching from chapter 10 in Preach My Gospel. I asked questions to the district so they could personalize it and used an example. As missionaries the first moments with a person are super important. We have to get to know them and get them to trust in us. I used the lock that I have. The lock represented an investigator and we have to ask the questions to find out what they need specifically from our message so that they open their heart and accept the message. (That represented the 3 digit code on the lock). The Zone leaders were there and they said the meeting was stellar because the Spirit was present. Nobody you know is in my district. It's the Zone leaders; Elder Hansen and Elder Buitrago, Elder Gamez and Elder Pizarro, Elder Payne and Elder Lopez, and Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Myers.

This week was decent. We are working a lot more with the members. All this time here I had seen the challenges and thought, this area is super hard and we can't change anything. Well I was right, WE can't change anything, but if we work in the way of the Lord, He can change things. This week we went to visit members and get them animated to work in the Work of the Lord. In visiting members and others we found 5 new investigators. We hope that they continue, also we are trying to have a member accompany us in every visit because it strengthens the members, the investigators, and it helps us as missionaries. 
The work of Salvation is also known as the work of the members. I know that if we work together, members and missionaries miracles will happen. My faith is strengthening every day in the promises of the Lord.

The invitation is to seek revelation with Faith. God knows all things, things that we can't comprehend. Make a list of challenges that are facing you and pray to set goals and plans of what YOU will do to change these things. I promise that as you think and ponder on these things, God will let you know what you can do to find more happiness and blessings.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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