Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter #57

I am the only American in my district. I got new shoes. In the zone there is Hermana Gonzalez from my old ward in Tultepec, that is the only one that you would know. My favorite smell here is when we walk past the panaderias (the bread places). We got things done today. We had 20 minutes of a break like in Xahuento. The whole washing by hand thing talks a long time.*These are all answers to the questions I had for him this week.

This week was CRAZY. I know for a fact that the Lord guides his work. We are the instruments in his hands. This week we put baptismal dates with a bunch of people. One funny experience this week. A teenager named Francisco was accompaning us for some appointments when we passed by a house. We knocked on the door and a 3 year old stepped out on the balcony. The kid started talking to another kid across the street playing in the grass with his Mom's supervision. All of a sudden I hear the kid on the balcony yell, "Hey look! There´s your Dad!!" while pointing at Francisco. Francisco immediately went red and I busted up laughing!!

This week was stake conference which normally means that not even 20% of the "active ward members" goes to church that day. Elder Urrutia and I wanted to change that this week. We invited a ton of people and got a group. We left at 7:50 in the morning with 2 investigators with a new baptismal date, 2 families of inactives, and a family of recent converts that weren't going to attend. We set out on the hour journey and arrived to find that 2 other investigators with new baptismal dates arrived with some members and that other investigators with baptismal dates arrived by themselves. It was a miracle. We had 7 Investigators with baptismal dates at stake conference and 2 inactive families. It was amazing.

After the conference we had to hurry back to prepare Angela's baptism! More investigators arrived at her baptism and said that they felt something they couldn't describe. The best they could say was a great peace. 

We are seeing miracles daily, thank you for your prayers!

The invitation is that you can put your faith and trust in the Lord at all times and look for the miracles and blessings that he provides.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                                              "The new Nike 5.0 Mission shoe with air flow"
                                                           "Stake Conference Crew"
                                                      Picture before Angela's Baptism

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