Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, August 17, 2015

Letter #58 Super Busy

We didn't walk to stake conference. It was a 45 minute bus ride... the shoes are decent quality. Haha well supposedly the others were stellar quality, but they didn't last too well haha. These shoes will do. Yes Elder Milne is the other district leader. We will be able to go to the open house (of the Mexico City Temple) one time if we bring at least 2 investigators. We are going as a stake August 27. It is about 2 hours from Huehuetoca. We will go to the rededication at the stake building, but after that I don't think we can go (to the temple).

We normally eat with the members. The favorite thing I have eaten here was waffles. They don't have anything like that in Mexico. My companion was super confused when some investigators brought us waffles. (They are different, but they were waffles.) That or a french toast that a girl in our ward made. It was french toast with strawberries and cream inside and cinamon and sugar on the outside.

My favorite thing about my companion is how happy he always is. I have never seen a person so happy at 6:30 in the morning. He waits for the alarm at 6:25, 6:27, 6:29 and then when it is finally 6:30 he yells "treinta!" and slams the phone on a chair by his bed, jumps out of his bed and says his prayer. He always has a smile. (Apparently treinta means 30, so he is counting down the minutes until the alarm goes off.)

So it's super crazy. We have so much work that it is kind of like a bucket filling with water, it reaches the top and begins to overflow. We right now are overflowing with work and it's almost stressing me out that we can't retain all the people we are finding to teach. I began to think about it. We are 2 missionaries in Huehuetoca that want to help all these people here and we are finding it hard. Imagine Christ. He was 1 person out to save the world. I can only imagine how he felt trying to help and serve everyone in his path. 

This week we had zone conference. I learned a lot of cool things, but this was one thing that called my attention. We have leaders in the church, but why? These leaders are chosen of God to help us. Through our church leaders God tells us what he expects of us, he counsels us, and helps us to become what we can be. As we see our leaders like people called of God we will realize what a priviledge it is to have them in this time on earth. 

My invitation to you is to learn humbly from your church leaders and Act with faith according to their counsel. They are here to help us on our way to become like Christ.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

The Atotonilco North and South Zones

                                                 A "friend" they found in their apartment.

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