Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, January 4, 2016

Letter #78

* I asked him some questions from last weeks pictures these are the answers: The white dude is a "son" of Candelario, the other missionary is my grandson, "son of Elder Toro". We stay away from the horses, but they do leave there "business" everywhere. 

Some wards change times, but only if more than one ward goes to that building. Here only one ward attends, so no we don't change.

Favorite experience of this week: The lesson we had on Saturday with Eva and Janet. We taught the first part of the plan of salvation, but completely focused on them. The spirit was felt so stongly and they all accepted the invitations. It was amazing, but they didn't come to church, so who knows what is happening right now. Or the other experience was when a drunk dude stopped us in the street. We got talking about his family and his wife. He then thought that Elder Toledo wanted his wife, then later in the conversation he sees that Elder Toledo was moving and shaking his leg. The drunk man says "Hey what are you doing? Stop that, you tempt me!" haha The dude was tempted by my comp.
Most people here work in factories or in private security. They are almost always working.

They are celebrating things a bit still here, but actually this week we had more appointments than every other week in December. This year (for New Years Eve) I returned home at 7 and we got planning the zone meeting for January 1 in the morning. It went really well actually. We taught about the Restoration and that the restoration is right now. We still have to work. So we taught about how God is doing his part and what we must do. In the practice we also helped a member who came from a different ward to solve a problem that she was going through in her life. 

I did do interchanges this week with Elder Hopkins. It was funny because he is from Logan High (a rival school to Sky View where Andrew graduated). When he walked in our house he entered into our bedroom and put his stuff down on Elder Toledo´s bed. He turned saw my bed and said "You´re kidding me, what is this??!" He grabbed my Arizona State hoodie from my bed and looked at it then returned to his stuff and pulled out a jacket. Arizona Wildcats.... Haha rivals in everything.

 Changes are this week, surprisingly I will stay here in Tepeji with Elder Toledo again. We will be together 4 and a half months at the end of this change. Elder Hopkins stays in his area and Elder Candelario is going to be a zone leader again in a different area. Also Elder Toro is coming to the zone.

My invitation is short and simple. Read the Book of Mormon every day and look for how it is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ".

Love you,
Elder Finlinson
 One last Tula Zone picture before transfers.
A couple of the Sister's wanted a picture with their Zone Leaders. 

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