Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Letter #79

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE! The missionaries from Jilotepec came to our house to sleep over last night because today in the morning at 7:15 they picked us up in Tepeji to go to the temple. We woke up at 5:30 and got ready. We went half of the zone in one combi and the other half in another. We arrived in a little over an hour. We did one session of endowment in Spanish and then we came back to Tepeji. We finally got back at 3:30. 

Eva and Janet are still going to visit the sick dad everyday in the Capital. We almost haven't been able to see them. Juan Miranda isn't drinking anymore and he says that people where he works always ask him how he is changing so fast! He said that we were helping him and they asked him if we could visit them too. We will contact them today hopefully. He will be baptized on February 7 if he can keep resisting the alcohol. 

We are working really hard and we have been really trying to help people and not just teach a lesson and leave. We see small miracles everyday and we are finding ways to help the ward. One thing we are doing is a temple activity that Elder Urrutia and I did in Huehuetoca. We have seen good results by talking about temples with everyone. They begin to understand how many blessings the gospel can bring to them and what really is their relation with God. 

I invite you to think about the covenants that you have made. Baptismal and also in the temple. and Ponder on what you promised to do. Think about the promises that God has made with you, especially during the sacrament. I promise that as you do You begin to see things more as God sees them. Things as they really are. 

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

P.S. As for the question about lizards (the bead lizards). A few weeks ago we contacted a person that was outside her house while we were looking for someone else. While doing so her nephew ran outside. He is about 4. We talked with Her (Elvira) for a while and said we could come back, but her schedule was crazy busy. I gave a lizard to the little boy, he smiled and ran back in the house. 3 weeks later we finally found Elvira in her house and out ran the boy yelling, "Thank you for the lizard, I love it!"

Elder Toro is a District leader in the zone. The zone is doing well.

 Catching my lunch!
 Floating bridge in Jilotepec during exchanges.
 Lunch was stellar!!!
 This is our house...Mexico City Temple
 Elder Toledo and Andrew at the temple.
I love to see the temple!

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