Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, March 14, 2016

Letter #88

This week we did do exchanges with Elder Toro and his 'son', Elder Dotson from Shelly, Idaho. It was also Elder Toro´s birthday so we bought a pizza. 

They just put chicken and cream and cheese I think on the enchiladas. I also like salpicón y al hambre. (He said he would explain that at a later time?)

This week was AMAZING!!! God did miracles here. We were able to teach 27 lessons this week, which is a lot more than normal here and we keep finding a lot of great people to teach. 10 people came to church this week and for 7 of them it was their first time. Juan Miranda (the investigator that can't get baptized but is more converted than most members) accompanies us and shares his testimony. He also contacts in the street! The people that came to church were:
Juan Miranda, Ariel Herrera, Alma (she is preparing to get baptized April 3 and is doing great) the next few went for the first time: The Jimenez Roperto family (Edgar, Yanely, her son Gael 11 and Sait 3) Axel and his mom Estela, Marisela and her daughter Diana (they also accepted baptism for April 16).

The majority loved the church and are really looking forward to coming back, with others we need to help them a bit because the son loved Primary, but the parents didn't understand much. 

It's really fun being here with Elder Huxford. It's funny because sometimes we will be walking in the street and people will whistle at us and tell us that we are "guapos". (Handsome) And groups of teenage girls or college girls will yell, "I want to be Mormon!!!! AAAAHHHH"  to which we start laughing and say, "We can help you with that!". 

I would LOVE to stay in Tepeji one more transfer if I could, but it isn't very likely that they give me more time here. I am really excited for the scholarship! It shows how much better God´s plan is than any other plan. An area that I might like. I would like to go to Apaxco. I like being up in the north and outside the main city.

I have been thinking more about Gods plan. He really loves us and wants the best for each one of us. He called us to do many important things while here on earth and we promised him before coming here that we would complete our mission. I can testify that true joy and happiness only come when we are living how God wants us to live. Every time I see the changes in other peoples lives and the blessings they receive I think about all that God has done for me. I invite you to evaluate your relationship with God and look for ways to come closer to him. I can promise you that you will find real happiness.

Elder Finlinson

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