Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, March 28, 2016

Letter #90

I will be leaving Tepeji... I´m headed to Ciudad Labor with Elder Servin. The elder who will take my place here in Tepeji is  ELDER URRUTIA!! (My old companion.) I feel a lot better knowing that he will be here to keep the work going! I am still a zone leader. My new zone will be half the size as my zone right now. Elder Servin arrived the same day I did in the mission field. It is the Tepalcapa Este zone.

The things I will miss most from Tepeji. I love the small town feeling here. Everyone is really friendly and its really nice here. I have come to love a lot of the people here so that is always hard. 

My favorite experience of the week was this Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we had an appointment with Marisela (an investigator that loves the church and wants the blessings). We hadn't been able to see her for 2 weeks, but when we arrived for the appointment she had invited a friend named Marissa with her son Pedro (11). They listened to missionaries in the USA for a couple years, but she couldn't get baptized. She said that she was going to live inTepeji, but that this Sunday she wouldn't be able to come to church because she was going to go to Mexico City. On Sunday we were in church and Alma and Juan Miranda had already arrived. A couple minutes later we saw Marisela, Marissa, and Pedro walk in the doors. In the end she moved the day that she would go to Mexico City so that she could come to Church! (We also found out the Marissa is the mom of the chicks that yelled, "I want to be Mormon!!" from their car) haha

We are working hard. Alma is progressing really well and will be baptized on April 16 and Marisela on the 23 of April!

This week I want to invite you all to prepare yourselves for General Conference. It is a privilege to know that we have a prophet on the earth today to guide us. God has always guided his children in their journey home through prophets and we can listen to one today! I invite you to think about your life and to write down questions. I promise that as you listen to the words spoken you will receive answers and you will feel as if God is speaking right to you!

Love you,
Elder Finlinson
 The sisters made the hearts and the Elders couldn't say no to a picture with them.
 Andrew and Elder Huxford visiting Elder Toro's district.
La Butaka (All you can eat wings.)

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