Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last letter from the C.C.M! Letter #6

I talked with Riley, he said he was a bit homesick, but I told him it gets better really fast. Its mostly just the first week. I hosted for the New Missionaries yesterday and saw Robert Ercanbrack, Taylor Griffin, Trevor Plowman, Josh Nieman, and Kolton Pierson!! All friends from Sky View. That was way cool to see. It doesn't really affect me much though because I am heading out to the mission field Monday at 7:00 in the Morning! Im at the end of my last week here. I got a card from a worker here that said there is a service that only ships to the Mexico City missions. it Thanks for the alarm, that will help a ton.  I might be able to email again on Saturday from what I hear so hopefully its true. I have gotten letters from both grandparents this week and some from you and dad i think.

This Week
Cold showers for 5 days, nothing new. I found out that there are like 11 latino missionaries going to North with us from the CCM. During a language activity where we are supposed to go talk to other missionaries and get fake references, My companion and i went and helped a female teacher who works here because she was holding a bunch of stuff to bring to her class which was far away. We bore testimony to her and she gave us a legit reference that lives in Mexico city!! She said if we found her again she would give us more for our missions! I learned that my night teacher's family lives in my mission and arent LDS so we have to convert them. So this week there was a huge World War Z virus that hit the CCM and overnight about 10% of the Missionaries were infected including two people in my room. We gave them a blessing in the middle of the night when I woke up and saw one in the bathroom struggling to stand. My companion and I were safe, but one person in our zone was paralyzed from the waste down because of it. the virus is now gone, but it was scary. I learned that you need to be clear with investigators, My teacher shared a story of telling an investigator to read 1 nephi 3:7 but instead they read 3 nephi 3:7. Read it there is a huge difference. Sunday I was called out of the audience to give a talk on the Fall of Adam and Eve. We had to write to talks for the week and I was hoping to talk on the atonement because I spent more time on that. But either way it was pretty decent I thought. I didn't really look at my notes. Monday this week we got our picture taken to go with my district. Its crazy that I''m leaving. Im pretty pumped and very nervous at the same time. 

We really dont do much during p day. Today we walked around and I did some american ninja warrior stuff with some things they have here randomly placed in the middle of nowhere. that was cool. I did like the salmon ladder and some other stuff. The district was very impressed. Basically I'm swoll. Gym is usually basketball which gets old fast. 

Its good to hear everything is going well at home. Have fun with school.

Elder Finlinson

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