Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #17

I haven't given my testimony in Sacrament meeting, the crowd of people always runs up and it last's until 15 minutes after the hour every time. 
I actually didnt even realize that it was Spanish until I saw that you put that. (I wrote a few words to him in Spanish in the letter I sent this week.) Words like that are kinda blending in my mind. If an investigator misses a week their date just gets put back a week. I figured out why they didn't go. Jose Luis´s car battery died and he didn't have money for a taxi. Alejandra and Juan manuel is a bit more serious. Juan Manuel had a bit of a cold the last time we taught him. We passed by Alejandra many times until we finally found her. Her dad Juan Manuel is in the hospital almost dead. He can barely breath and right now he is unconscious. The doctors said there is little hope. We gave Alejandra a blessing of comfort but we can't give one to Juan Manuel. Only one person can enter. We are trying to get a person in the ward to go and give a blessing (Elders quorum president who is 21 years old).
I will try to get a picture of them if I can.(The cute little boys he tells us about). It depends if I stay in the area or not. Cambios (Transfers) are in a week. The only fun candy I like here is the kinder eggs with a surprise inside. Everything else is gross. Speaking of gross I had to choke down a cup of corn with mayonnaise and chili powder the other day. 
Exchanges are one day and night. 

With the sacrament talk I would read those talks. I would also look at the one where the girl said that it is like Christ holding out his hand and asking you to take a part of his atonement. I really don't know. you could talk about the covenant we remember of  the name of Christ, or about the repentance and improving every week aspect. I don't know there's a couple directions to take. (Asked him for ideas of the topic of the Sacrament.)

This week a huge dog kept jumping on me. I knocked it down a couple times until I finally got it good enough to go away. It did scratch up my tie pretty well though. Dia de los muertos is really different. They "trick or treat on November first but they say " mi caleverita tiene hombre, mucho mucho hombre, hay un dulce por allĂ­? no se escondan, ya los vi! or in other words... "My little skull is hungry, very hungry, is there candy there? Don't hide, I already saw you." I don't understand it at all, but yeah they chant a little song. We had to be in casa a las 7:00 Nov 1 and 2. Also we talked to the suicide guy again. Really he is just negative, he reads the bible but only looks at the negatives and punishments of God. We told him to look for the blessings of God and look for how they received those blessings. Also yesterday we gave a blessing to Elder Fraser. Elder Mendez did the anointing in English then I did the blessing in Spanish. That was really cool. (He was sick.)

P- days we go to the huge mall, or the other huge mall, or bowl, but today we just bought our stuff, returned to the house, ordered a pizza each (which I finished in one sitting) and then relaxed. It was nice.

(These are answers to some questions his Dad asked him): Exercise- right now Elder Candelario has a little crossfit schedule for 6 weeks that we use every morning.

We are not allowed to tract. If we feel a spiritual impression to knock though, we do so. We are to contact in the streets and ask people for references. (Do you know anyone who would like to hear a message of Jesus, or Do you know anyone who is going through a hard time right now) stuff like that.

The investigators have to go 30 days without breaking the word of wisdom or law of chastity before we can baptize. If they fall into temptation, we have to start the 30 days over again.

Thank you for the thought about Heavenly Father´s love. I really liked that. 

I received the package. Thank you so so much for that. I have already worn a sweater, ate a bag of sour watermelons, and Elder Mendez is addicted to Mary Did You Know by Clay Aiken. I have it memorized and I translated it for him. I won´t have to use the umbrella for a while I hope. Right now it isn't the rainy season. It's cold in the morning and night and blazing hot in the day. 

Thats about it this week 
Love you 
Elder Finlinson

P.S. I wrote to him about a sweet lady in our ward bearing her testimony and part of what she said which was...  how much she loved partaking of the sacrament and how she loves coming to church early to watch the young men prepare the sacrament. She then mentioned how she hopes all the young men will be just like Andrew. How she watched him from when he was first blessed as a baby and then she watched while he prepared and passed the sacrament and now serving a mission. This is Andrew's response to that; "Yes she is a darling lady. I love how even after I've gone she still tells that same story of me growing up.Ha ha glad that my legacy lives on. I am popular even in Mexico. Ha ha just kidding. "

                                                            Elder Fraser in one of the houses.

Two very different houses in Andrew's area.

The older lady lives in a shack in Rancho Blanco so we went with the Relief Society President and her kids to her house for her birthday. She is really, really humble and nice. It brought a new meaning to give everything you have to the Lord. She literally does. Her name is Sister Simona Vargas

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