Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #34

My birthday was basically normal. We celebrated a different day. From the president I got a snickers and M&Ms. The interview was good, we gave a report on our consecration to the work of the Lord. We found one more person to teach. I will explain later in the letter. There is a holiday coming up where they burn all the big bulls they made. (Like 400 bulls of fireworks) The dictionary didn't arrive this week. 
First off, I have realized how much of a handicap I have as a missionary because I didn't do Family History. That is huge in the mission right now, so encouraging all to get going on that. I was also wondering if you could send me a short story of family history every once in a while to learn more of my ancestors. 

This week we had a lesson because we contacted a person named Maria Fuentes. Turned out later it is the Aunt of our Mission leader. She has heard missionaries before and didn't want to listen again, but she accepted one more time. Our mission leader and his family said there is little hope to help her because "they have already tried". We had the lesson and it went well, I felt the spirit. Then she said we could come back this next week. A few days later our mission leader asked us what happened with his aunt. I asked why and he said " she is different". Then Sister Fuentes (the sister of Maria) said yesterday that Maria wants to hear us now because the "white boy brought a spirituality that made me feel something." So I guess the lesson went well. 
Story and tender mercy of the Lord. So on my birthday we were walking down the street at night and a drunk guy stopped us, his name is Carlos Flores, he's 22. He backed me up against a fence and started swearing, then it was the craziest thing. All of a sudden he couldn't come closer. He stopped right in front of me. Kinda weird, but I had never felt safer in my whole mission. I felt power and confidence. After 20 minutes he asked me if I could help him stop drinking. I said yes and we set an appointment to go to his house. When we went his mom answered and asked "are you here to help my son?" We said yes and she thanked us a bunch of times and then said she wants to hear us with her son on Saturday or Sunday this week. The Lord protects his missionaries.

On Saturday we had a meeting with our mission leader and he brought cake. The missionaries sang to me and then started chanting bite the cake (because I guess that is a tradition here). I went to bite it and they shoved my face in. So yeah... that happened. I don't have photos of it, but the others do mostly. Then yesterday we ate with our mission leader and we did challenges after eating. They wanted to see if we were real Mexicans, so they took peppers and prepared them to be hotter. Then we all took bites. I am Mexican and didn't cry. Elder Scott did and Elder Candelario was super close. Elder Espinoza is Mexican. Then we did the cinnamon challenge. I didn't win. 

Challenge for the week. In the area plan of Mexico it says, "Who needs to feel my love today?" We are to ask ourselves that and pray to know who during the day and then look for opportunities to share the love basically. I invite you to do the same. 

Love You
Elder Finlinson

P.S. The birthday song here is eternal. It's like sitting there awkwardly for about a solid 2 and a half minutes.

                                                                 Birthday Celebration?!
                       He said, "Thanks to all my friends and family for celebrating my birthday with me."

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