Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter # 39

Well this week was an interesting one. There was a lot of really cool things. 

This week we had the best zone meeting, it was normal until Elder Scott bore his testimony of the Atonement and Repentance. He went out in the mission for a bit and then realized he needed the atonement in his life. He ended up having to go home for 11 months to repent. He said it was the hardest thing he did in his life and the most rewarding. He felt the love of God so strong and he knew with a surety that God knew him and that Christ suffered for him. He is one of the most powerful missionaries I know. 
We had a fun experience this week. When we walk around in the streets we always get comments and stuff from others. Sometimes its things like swear-words, but other times its things more funny. This week was funny. We passed 4 little kids and we said hi. They just stood there staring at us. We kept walking and then I heard, " Adios Guapo!" from a 3 year old girl and then "adios mi amor" from the 2 year old boy. That was cute. Things like that happen sometimes being a white dude here. 
Then came the conference. I know that these people receive revelation from God to talk to us individually, if we let them. I wrote questions and prayed that God would answer them. He answered in a big way. There were some people that I thought were talking right to me. Some of my favorites were: 
David A Bednar "Godly fear dispells mortal fear"
 Wilford Anderson "learn to hear the music"
 Dale G Renlund "Twas  I, but Tis not I"
 (Priesthood) M Russell Ballard "raise the bar"
(Priesthood) President Uchtdorf- how god looks at the heart
Gerald Causse "Dont take things for granted"
Brent H Nielsen "prodigal son"
Jeffrey R Holland "Christ won´t let us go" (This talk cut out on us, but I loved what I heard)
President Uchtdorf- Grace and how we have it

It was amazing, the familia Chavez Montoya came to the conference and then stayed for the baptism of the little girl. ( Andrew was able to baptize a little girl that the sister missionaries taught.) It was amazing. 

I know that God loves us individually and He wants us to feel His love. 
The invitation is that you think of the time you felt His love strongest for you, then give Him thanks for that experience. If you haven't had that experience, do all you can to get closer to God. He is there waiting.

Love you 
Elder Finlinson
                                      Andrew with Elder Fraser from his CCM (MTC) district.
                                                       Photo shoot in a power outage.
                    This is the almost 9 months and "pregnant" picture. All of these missionaries have                                been out 9 months as of April 9th.
Welcome to Xuhuento

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