Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter #53

*The questions that are in bold were ones I asked him in his letter.

How did it go with the last invitation that I left you?

Does Elder Morfin attend the leadership meetings with you? He did not attend with me.  How long is your calling of District Leader? Do you need to stay in the same location for a certain amount of time as a District Leader or can you be transferred and still be District Leader of a new area? District leader is cool. It's hard but cool. I have no free time. I come home and plan and then call people until 10:20 every night. You can be transferred and be District leader. Did you go with both Zone Leaders on exchanges, one each day or just one of them for the two days? I just went with one Zone leader. Elder Buitrago came to my area. Did Guadalupe's son seem to be interested in hearing more about the Gospel and continuing to come to church? Guadalupe and her son loved the church. The only problem is that he is busy right now. Is she understanding things a little better now? I think so, she is doing good. I am excited to see how you will be helping in the open house of the Mexico City TempleOh yeah, we won't be helping in the temple open house or dedication. We will be able to watch the dedication in the Stake Center I think.
My answer to the question of the color of my parents eyes was my dad has blue eyes and my mom has the color of honey and green (hazel doesn't exist, that's pretty much how they describe it).

What is your favorite thing about Xahuento? My favorite thing about Xahuento is that I am in a ward with 2 other missionary companionships. That is super rare and we have a blast. 

This week we had some interesting experiences. We saw "coconut head" from Ned´s Declassified School Survival Guide" (This is a T.V. show in the U.S.) but it was a girl in middle school. Her hair was gelled and you could only see her eyes, mouth, and nose of her face. Also we saw a dude with a reverse mohawk in overalls chilling in the street. One time Elder Morfin and I got out of a combi (the local transportation) and I jumped out right after him. I then saw him look super confused as he turned around to see the combi. The door shut and he was about to start running. I asked him what he was doing and he suddenly changed. He didn't hear me get out, I was right behind him and then had caught up and passed him when he turned around so he never saw me. He thought that I had abandoned him and was about to chase down the combi. It was super funny. Then on Sunday we went to visit some people and I was about to knock on the fence when Elder Morfin says, "Oh NO!" A look of panic swept over him. He checked his pockets and his bag then looks at me and says "Do you have the keys?" Long story short we broke into our house yesterday. We unscrewed the window from outside and put our arm in and unlocked it. So I now know how to be a criminal. 

A miracle. We invited Viridiana to be baptized, but she was hesitant. Her mom in law said we are going to talk it over. They came to church and then there was a baptismal service. They saw the baptism and heard the service. After we asked her what she thought. She said, "I think that was what I was missing, seeing a baptism. I want to be baptized." She has a date for August 9th if she can live the word of wisdom.

This week I was studying a lot about the restoration of the gospel. I want to invite you to read Preach My Gospel chapter 3 "The Restoration of the Gospel by Joseph Smith". Think about how important that moment is in your life. By doing this and understanding that the priesthood and gospel of Christ are restored you will increase your faith and your desire to repent.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                                                Andrew titled this one, "Hello! Sleepy Head!"
                                                        Two Santa's doing their laundry.
                                 The Fiesta for Princessa was a graduation from Kindergarten/ Birthday party. She is the granddaughter of a recent convert. We went for a little bit to congratulate her.

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