Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter #55

To get to our new area we took a taxi, a bus, and another taxi. 

I was able to say goodbye to most. (People in Xahuento he had been teaching and helping.) My companion is Elder Urrutia. He is from Colombia. He's 24 and likes One Direction! He's a great missionary. He loves to work and my weaknesses are his strengths. He helps me to get better. That's what I asked for in a companion. He has only been out 3 months in the mission, but learns every day. Half of his family  are members. I`m in Atotonilco south zone. The district is super small. The area is big, and super great. Like 85% of the people we contact in the street say yes. The people are really nice here. We are having a ton of lessons. We had 10 lessons with members and 4 families of Menos Activos (less active) came to church this week. We are finding like crazy. In the district is us, one other companionship in Xalpa, and the zone leaders. The whole zone here is the size of my last district...Elder Mendez from Alamedas is my zone leader so that's cool. The other elders I didn't know really. I already had my first district meeting. It was my best yet. It was interactive and the Spirit was there. We talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer.
I hope to be able to do more on p-days, but now we wash our clothes by hand so I don't know. And we had to deep clean the house today. This area has a little bit of poorness and richness. It's been really good here. 
We said goodbye to a lot of people in Xahuento. I arrived here and we began to work immediately. We have vistited a lot of people and are implimenting a lot of different ways to find people. It is great. The only thing is that the members don't trust the missionaries for what other missionaries have done here. 
I confirmed Eliseo a recent convert this week. It was really cool. I have been in a great mood here because everyone is so friendly. I thought I would have more time at night because I wouldn't have to call so many people, but we teach so many lessons that we fill out papers until about 10:20 anyway! 
While I was washing my clothes by hand today different things came to my head. One of these were song lyrics I think, or at least a cool phrase. "Sometimes you have to lose to win". I was thinking about how having to work like the people here will help me to gain other things. For example. I Lose a washing machine... but I win Christ-like attributes, patience, humility, and hard work. In the mission I will have the opportunity to become more like christ if I take advantage of every situation. 
I invite you to choose a Christ-like attribute and develop it this week.
Love you, 
Elder Finlinson
                                           Andrew and Elder Morfin...matching soccer jerseys.
                                                    Andrew and Elder Hansen...I believe a zone leader
                        Andrew, Elder Morfin and the sister missionaries that were in his District.

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