Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, July 20, 2015

Letter # 54

* In bold are the questions I asked him this week. 
You do your laundry in your church clothes? We always have to wear church clothes. Have you done anymore exchanges within your District? I did an exchange with Elder Lopez this week in the area of Primavera. What have you been teaching in your District Meetings lately? In the junta I taught the restoration of the Gospel by Joseph Smith. It was more interactive and it gave everyone the chance to teach and share their revelations. Is Guadalupe still scheduled for baptism next week? Guadalupe is scheduled for August 2 for now.I was wondering if you printed out each letter and read most of it later or if you read each one and respond as you go? I read and respond as I go.

What tender mercies have you seen in your life this past week? Tender Mercies. An inactive named Adan. He is a 19 year old drug addict. We had passed by to visit him 2 months ago and then we couldn't ever find him. On Saturday we saw him in the street. We invited him to go to church and that we would pick him up. He said yes. He went to church for the first time in 6 years. 

Well they are closing Xahuento. I don't understand why. We were getting better and better in the area and we have people almost ready for baptism, but now Elder Morfin and I are going to other areas and there won't be missionaries in Xahuento. Maybe the Zone Leaders will visit every once in a while, but not often. Lots of people will be affected. Elder Morfin will go to the zone of Tepalcapa  East. I will be District Leader in Huehuetoca the Zone of Atotonilco. I am replacing Elder Scott in that area. I think the area will be good. I don't remember the name of my companion, but I know he is from Colombia.
This week was fun and hard. Lots of appointments fell, but we had fun and worked hard. It was hard that appointments fell and that they are taking us both out of here, and closing the area. It was fun because we always made the best out of every situation. 

Lately I have been studying about the Book of Mormon. I thought about the talk of Bishop Gerald Causse. Is It Still Wonderful To You?  He lived by the Eiffel tower for 22 years and never went. We have the Fulness of the Gospel in our hands. Have we read it? Do we study and love it? God has blessed us with the opportunity of knowing about his son Jesus Christ and how to return to his side. By the Book of Mormon God can talk to us in a personal way. 

I invite you all to treasure these things that God has given you. I invite you to study the Book of Mormon daily and I promise that as you do it you will Know that God loves you. By applying what the Book of Mormon says you will Feel in your heart with certainty that God loves you. Is it still wonderful to you?

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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