Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter #61

Elder Mendez is still my zone leader.  I need something. I need bead lizards I´m almost out. 

Crap USU better pull it together. Those are huge wins for Utah and BYU!!

The temple open house was great, first we went through the visitors center quickly and then to the temple. It is a gorgeous temple. The rooms are smaller, but there are many more rooms.

It is actually.(*This is in response to my being surprised that their zone had a problem finding people to teach. Because in Andrew's previous area they couldn't find enough time to teach all the people they had found to teach.) The problem of the mission is finding people to teach. God has helped me a lot to be able to find people. It requires a ton of work with less actives, members, obedience so that God can do miracles, and other things. Because since I left Huehuetoca they haven't found anyone and they don't have appointments set with new investigators. (*His district that is still in Huehuetoca.)

I talked about mission work. I focused on the atonement and the scripture 2 Nephi 26:24 (*I had asked him what he spoke about in his talk in Sacrament meeting the previous week.)

Xalpa (pronouced halpa) is right next to Huehuetoca. It is really spread out. Sometimes we have to take a combi for 25 minutes to get to areas. Honestly the area will be hard at first. When I arrived there was only 1 investigator and they can't be baptized because they have to get divorced from their old wife and then get married with his wife that he lives with. (The case of many people). My companion will help me with something. Seeing people how they can become and not who they are right now. My favorite thing about this area is that we live super close to the church. It's the first time in my whole mission that that has happened.

This week was a bit harder. Let's just say I am thankful for the promise that Christ bears our burdens when we are obedient. There are a lot of things that have to be changed here. I already know that I can't do it alone, so I will need a lot of prayers and trust in God. My poor companion has been in this area a while and he doesn't have much excitement left in him so I have been trying to be really upbeat and happy all the time. 

I was thinking this week about the will of God. There are things that He wants me to do, (serve a mission, obey mission rules/ commandments, etc) so that I can Be what he wants me to Be. Like last week I told you God looks on the heart. Not at what we do or how much we know. He gives us these things to do and obey in hopes that we change our heart and put off the natural man.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

 Loaded on the bus and ready to go to the temple open house.
 Kariana & Carlos
 Kariana and Carlos' children at the temple open house.
Majority of the investigators that they brought to the temple.

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