Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 21, 2015

Letter #63

I was going to ask about Trevor Murdock. That's great! Also congrats for Braedon, the dude is a stud. (*Both of these young men received their mission calls this past week.)
Thanks for the activity ideas!

We taught 3 Family Home Evenings this week with members. One about temples, one about "The Gospel of Jesus Christ", the other about prophets. Yes I can print off things. 
We ask help from people in the ward to lend us there washing machine. (* Instead of hand washing.)

My least favorite sound. Every morning without fail at about 8:50-9:10 the gas truck passes by our house and about 5 men yell GAAAS!!! GAAAAS! GAAAAAAAAAAS! for close to 5 minutes straight. It drives me insane. 

The zone is now one big district. Some sister missionaries had emergency changes for safety reasons so now the zone/district has the two zone leaders, 2 district leaders, sister missionary trainers, and a new missionary trainer. I trade off teaching each week with Elder Milne now. I would like to share with you what we will focus on in the next district meeting, I was reading a talk from Kevin W. Pearson about enduring to the end. "Endure" doesn't mean "hang in there" it means  " constantly coming unto Christ and being perfected in him". As we do this we can receive his grace. In this life we can do all we can to serve God and it won't be enough. We need grace (the infinite love and mercy of God that allows us to receive strength in this life and forgiveness for our sins.) We receive the grace of God as we Love God with all our heart. 

Cool story of this week. 
Friday 4 appointments fell, but we found out what God wanted us to be doing. We contacted a girl about 23 years old, turned out to be the daughter of a guy we had an appointment with, we set another appointment with her. Then we asked her if anyone else she knows might need a message about Christ. She told us of her aunt. We went to the store where her aunt worked and we just presented ourselves and said that the message we share blesses the families. She began to cry and said that she had had a bad argument with her daughter that morning and she was asking God for help. Not long after, we showed up. After helping her (she´s named Flor) we went and contacted 3 men around a fire in the middle of the road. When we arrived 2 left, but Roberto stayed and listened. We testified that families are eternal. He stared at us for a minute and then said come with me. We found it strange, but we followed him. We arrived at his house where they had candles and flowers and a photo of a woman. He told us that a few days ago his mother in law died and he wanted to know where she was. We talked with him for a bit about the plan of salvation and set an appointment to talk with his family. 

My invitation this week is that you can Endure to the End. Don´t just "hang in there" make the best of the situation and come unto Christ. That is the test of this life. The Lord has showed us the way and he will guide us along.

Oh yeah. I forgot. 3 people from Huehuetoca got baptized this Saturday. Lucila Villegas, and Cariana and Carlos!!!!

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                                        Decorations for the Elder Urrutia
                                    Three of the Huehuetoca investigators were baptized this past Saturday!
                                 The Cruz family baptism...Andrew interviewed them for baptism.

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