Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, October 12, 2015

Letter #66

It was cool being with Elder Morfin (in the same district). He would have to be the companion who is more like a friend. We are a lot alike.
I didn't have room for the Christmas decorations. My shirts and socks are hanging in there, but my pants are dying. Songs maybe more instrumental stuff or Christmas music if there is more, but if not its all good. Sometimes I put pictures or quotes on the wall. For my companion maybe a tie and some candy. Also warheads would be great.

That is awesome that Brother Daniels is doing that. That is Magnifying your calling!! (Brother Daniels is the Young Men's President in our ward and he takes any young men and young women who want to go to the temple to do baptisms every week.)

I am eating with the members every day almost. I haven't eaten anything weird lately actually, but where I am going it is likely.

Well this week there were changes. Elder Ramirez is going and I am going. They will bring 2 new Elders to open the area tomorrow. I am going to Tepeji, Tula as a Zone Leader. Elder Toledo (my zone leader from Tultepec, and is from my generation of missionaries, is my companion.) It should be cool I think. From what I have heard the area is a good one. I am excited to be with Elder Toledo we get along well. He's from Oaxaca, but he grew up in the real city of Mexico City (the capital). 

This week was great. We were able to help Angeline to get baptized. Her family is part non-member, part inactive, and part active. It was amazing. Also this week I would like to share an experience we had. I was in exchanges with my zone leader Elder Knighton in my area. At one point all of our appointments and back-ups had fallen and we didn't know what to do. I started looking at my agenda to see if there could be anyone else. A family of 5 passed by and we said, Hi. I kept looking in my agenda, but then felt that we needed to talk to them. In my mind I thought "No they are already far away and walking fast." But I told Elder Knighton we needed to talk to them. We caught up to them and talked to them. They immediately invited us to there house. We shared the Restoration with them and they accepted to be baptized! We must always be willing to follow the spirit.

Also this week I have thought a lot of what to share with you all. What came to my mind can apply to everyone in different ways, but will be directed to those preparing to serve missions or serve God. We must be spiritually prepared at all times to help people to come unto Christ. What is the preparation that we need? Many think it is to study the lesson we will teach right before we teach our Sunday school class, missionary discussion, or meeting. It is an important part, but not the most important. The preparation we need is Living the gospel and keeping our covenants. That gives us spiritual power to share what we must share and teach what we must teach. 
So for those of you who hope to serve a mission reading Preach My Gospel will be important, but more important will be your experiences of living the gospel. That makes things come from our heart and not from memorized information.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

 Last District meeting before the changes.
Angeline's baptism
Who's that Pokemon?!

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