Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, October 26, 2015

Letter #68

I don't have photos of here still. Sorry.

I did hear about the storm, but nothing passed here. Interchanges we meet somewhere and then change companions. Nothing too fancy. To go to a new area All the missionaries go to the offices and there they find their companion and head out. 

We will have a zone meeting this week, we will teach Laws and Ordinances. We go to a district meeting every week, and interchanges almost every week.

I haven't been able to use the object lessons still. I am a bit confused with some of them. 

I don't know what they do here for dia de los muertos because it still hasn't happened. Normally we have an earlier curfew on festivities.

The favorite thing I ate this week was enchiladas en salsa verde. My least favorite, I don't remember..

My favorite thing of Elder Toledo is that he has fun as he works. Nobody ever said that work can't be fun. 
We saw lots of miracles this week. We have found a lot of investigators (20 in these two weeks) not many are progressing. This week though we did have a 2 families in church of investigators and an inactive. 

Elder Toledo and I were thinking of how we could help our zone most. He had said the zone had a lack of faith in the work. We talked about it and thought we needed to start with us because we didn't have anyone who could be baptized in November (5 attendances before baptism) we set a goal to find 2 people who would accept a baptismal date for November. We worked hard and prayed and the first 4 days of the week almost everything fell. Then all of a sudden we ate with a family that we didn't know. We found out that they weren't members and had investigated the church a few months ago. They wanted to come back, but didn't feel comfortable. They accepted a baptismal date after church on Sunday. It strengthened my testimony that if we have a goal and do all we can do God will prepare the way to do as he has commanded. 

2 cool experiences this week. We knocked on a door thinking it was the house of a new investigator. It wasn't... A man named Vicente answered so we presented ourselves by name and I said, "We are representatives of Jesus Christ". Then Elder Toledo said, "What do you think about that?" He stood there for a bit and then responded, "Do you want to come in?" He was really responsive to what we shared with him. Also this week a rabbit peed on Elder Toledo. It made me laugh.

My invitation. This week we have taught about the family a lot. It made me think. How many families will really be eternal. To be together forever it means that the Whole Family has to live the gospel and make a huge effort. God makes the promise and we make the choice. We cannot force the family to live the gospel, but we do all we can to help them. I invite you all to think about how you are in your family and what you can do to be a family forever.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

 Grasshopper Quesadilla
 One of the District's in Tula (Andrew's Zone)
Elder Toledo (Andrew's Companion)

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