Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, November 9, 2015

Letter #70

I went to Tula on Monday. Its about an hour away. They hold leadership meetings every month for zone leaders and sister leaders and once every 4 months with district leaders too. Elder Candelario goes home in about 7-8 weeks. Elder Nelson is cool, really happy and outgoing. 
All the missionaries invited, but almost nobody else came. They come for the training that we do and the practices. Bubble soccer looks sweet! Connor got his braces off? Also he does his hair different now.

My Sabbath is get up and get ready, go to ward council, church, take some reports from district leaders, go eat, get to work (visiting people, mission work) take more reports, add up the numbers and get to know the progress of the investigators in other areas, report everything to the asisstants, plan, verify with the zone how things went, get ready to sleep. 

Also funny story. We were walking to church and I said, "Good morning" to a person walking by. He responded, "Do you really think this day is beautiful??" I said yes and we started to talk. The dude was "high" (drugged) but it was funny because in the end we contacted him and he says, "Wow your eyes, your Face, YOU are UNIVERSAL, A MODEL!! And then to Elder Toledo he says," And you.... You have ALL the Attention my friend. I will make a movie with you two starring!" Ha ha ha it made me laugh.
This week was a trial of faith that's for sure. As missionaries we need the help of members, without them we can't do much. We had got some members to accompany us to every appointment this week and literally every single one said they couldn't help us at the last second and we couldn't teach the family or person. It was really hard. We did contact a lot of people and some are really good people that have potential to progress. There were a few super cool things this week though. 1. A family that we are teaching we couldn't teach this week (that isn't the cool part) it is Karen age 30, Francisco 8, Gerardo 6, and Angel 5. They had gone to another state for a day but while there someone took their car to the impound and they couldn't get it out for days. While waiting for the car and paperwork and all Karen was cooking when a pan of boiling oil fell and burned a lot of her arm. Then they returned home finally Saturday night. Sunday morning it was raining, but they still came to church. The kids participated in the primary program and memorized their parts!! It was amazing to see them. Right now they are scheduled to be baptized November 22. 

This is about the priesthood, but it applies to everyone. We literally have Gods power within us. Wherever we go, whatever we do our priesthood goes with us. We have great responsibilities that help ourselves and others to prepare ourselves for eternal life. We must first understand what are our responsibilities, and then act in all diligence D&C 107:99-100 (I think) .Think about what you are doing to earn your salvation and what are you doing to help someone else receive it. God trusts all of us with his gospel and we must share it. "For that which we share we keep." 

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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