Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, November 16, 2015

Letter #71

We eat a small breakfast, a big lunch, and a snack at night sometimes. Luis is the husband, he isn't progressing because he only works weekends in the D.F. (Mexico City). I think I will stay this change. In interchanges I have gone there and they have come here. 

Haha someone egged our house too!!! That's awesome! ( Our house was egged Friday night, apparently Andrew's apartment was egged too! Crazy that it happened in the same week.)

What I like about Tepeji is the people that we teach, and my companion. We have fun even though it is hard work here. A zone leader experience was in a district meeting I was able to talk with a sister missionary who has felt incapable. She doesn't know many things or scriptures, but I could help her to see her value as a missionary and what she can become. She was able to see what she does well for once instead of dwelling on what she didn't know.

I did have one experience in interchanges this week. I went with Elder Ramirez (my old companion) to his area. We taught a family of Christians who had studied and read the assignment, but not to find the truth. They looked for every scripture in the bible to contend. But in the end they couldn't contend with pure testimony. When we shared testimony with them they became quiet and I could feel the spirit in the room. We invited them to ask if what we shared was true and they said they would if we would. (We already have, but ya ok we will ask again... :)

This week was another HARD week. Instead of cancelling at the last minute, the members just flat out said no EVERY TIME. We are trying many things to help the members here, but without their help we can't teach our investigators or help them to feel very welcome in church. Also the baptism for next week fell. They didn't come to church and they broke the word of wisdom. :(

We aren't going to dwell in the past, we are trying to have faith and press on. 

Love you,
Elder Finlinson
 "We go hard"
 Tula Zone
 Elder Candelario, Andrew, Elder Toledo and Elder Nelson
Elder Candelario was Andrew's trainer, Elder Nelson was Elder Toledo's trainer. They are all together in the same zone for one more week. Then Elder Nelson goes home. 

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