Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, April 4, 2016

Letter #91

Elder Fraser is a district leader in my zone, he is the only one you would know, and maybe Hermana Delgado. (I was in the same ward as her for 6 weeks in Tultepec). 
I am outside the DF right now. But I think Alamedas is the area most south. We are on the mission borderline though.

April Fools was normal, we taught a zone meeting and then worked. The daylight savings time thing isn't my favorite in the morning, but I love that it isn't pitch black at night now while I am in the streets.

I watched conference in English, but as always the first session just never works well. They get there at 10 to start setting it up and then don't do it well. I barely heard any of the first 3 talks. 

My companion, Elder Servin is great! He`s from Cuahila. He helps me to be better and better. My impressions of the area: It's a lot of hills, but it's a good area. The members accompany us to appointments even though there aren't many active members (about 50). We don't have a ton of investigators and we haven't found any new ones even though we have contacted a ton and asked everyone for referrals. We`ll keep looking. 

This week 2 investigators came to General Conference with us. Fabiola (about 20-21) and Berenice (about 26). They both smoke, but now have desires to be baptized. They loved General Conference and want to be baptized. We are really hoping to help them.

I didn't have a favorite talk. Elder Holland's talk actually hit me really hard though. I did want to share 3 things that I felt strongly this week. 
1) Christ is our Savior.  I can talk about eternal families, the blessings of God, repentance etc., but all of this is only possible by and through Christ. 
2) God knows and loves each one of us. It hit in 2 occasions. The first was after the talk by Elder Kearon about refugees, President Uchtdorf stood up crying. He was a refugee and God knew he (even an apostle) needed that message at that time. And when Elder Holland said something like "even when you think the Gospel standards are too high. Do Not Give Up!" He doesn't ask us to be perfect, all he asks is a consecrated "Almost".
3) Christ directs this church through his chosen servants. 

Loving the work.
Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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