Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Friday, July 25, 2014

Letter #3

I haven't received any mail yet.(I had asked him if he had received any of our written letters by snail mail yet.)  My companion is going home on Monday for a hernia, and I've been reasigned a new one... but he speaks about as much spanish as I do so we are kind of screwed for the lessons for the next little bit. I'll get some pictures of my district soon. And my best friend in the district might go home because he just got plantar fascitis and won't be able to walk for about a month. We gave him a blessing so hopefully he will stay. He wants to go home.. We will visit the temple next P day I think so that will be awesome! And yes, if you could send a good luck thing that would be great! (All of these were answer's to questions I had asked, so if it doesn't make complete sense that is why!) It sounds like kayaking was fun, I wish I could have been there, but I'm still enjoying it here. I've learned a ton and my lessons are starting to get better. I can't understand still when they go off rapid fire in spanish, but I can bear testimony about each section in the preach my gospel in spanish, so that helps a lot to invite the spirit! This week I have gone outside the CCM boundaries three times because of hospital trips and a trip to the consulate. Mexico looks awesome! We even drove past a little part of my area! The houses are amazing. The weather here has been all over the place. It will literally be 80 degrees and completely sunny and then a half hour later its hailing. I'll try to send a video of it. Just know that it doesn't give it justice how crazy it is. Oh and at the hospital I was able to use my medical anatomy and explain to my companion what is going on with the ultra sound and what the next test is... so on and so forth. I was also able to help my friend Elder Colby with his foot to explain what happened and what can help. I really enjoyed that part. Outside the CCM is pretty cool because I was expecting poor cars, but I've seen a bunch of mustangs, audi, mercedes, camaro, and a hummer limo! Anyway I'm loving it here. The spirit is all around and I really am growing close to a lot of people. I've learned a ton and also like hanging out with Austin!

Love you, 
Elder Finlinson
                                    Andrew said many of the trees look like this in Mexico City.
                                                              A view of Mexico City.
                                                        His companion in the Hospital.
                         I guess the Hermanas in his district got a hold of his camera and took a selfie.
                                                                     Mexico City
                                                           A cathedral in Mexico City.
                                           A minor car incident they had...drove into a hole.
                                                  The a view from the C.C.M. (M.T.C.)
                                 Selfie of Andrew and his companion after their first haircuts.
                                                                 The crazy rain.

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