Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Letter #4

I got a new Companion and things are much better now! I became the district leader which the whole district was thrilled about, because they all didn't like my companion and complimented me on my patience. And my old companion emailed me and said when he got back to the states the doctors couldn't find a hernia. Shocker! I don't think he will come back out on the mission though.  Elder Colby is great. We gave him a blessing and in the blessing it said you will walk sooner than you know. He was walking 2 days later and is now playing ball again!! Power of the priesthood! Most of my district is from Utah. One from Idaho falls, one from weezer idaho, one from kentucky, and one from london. The temple is gorgeous, but the pictures won't do it justice. We got a lot of pictures and one with the whole district.

Dang I wish I could have kayaked too! But here i've had a lot of water activity too, ( Because of the rain haha) I had to run halfway across campus in monsoon type rain and then teach 3 lessons. It even started leaking from the ceiling onto my head in the middle of the lesson!! I can do more than just my testimony now though. I've started reading scriptures in spanish. It takes me awhile because I compare it to the english scriptures after each verse I read in Spanish, but either way I'm understanding most of the words. I found that I can speak pretty decent spanish in the lessons and when I'm reading scriptures. Its the other times when i struggle. I think its the spirit, but i'm not sure. Also my new companion that i got hadn't taught much in the lessons before joining me because he was in a threesome. It has really pushed me to step up and grow faster. It is really stressful, but fun because I feel accomplished. Just a CCM driver during the little crash. it was a fun sensation to have the ground drop out from under you. Also in the city I found a chinese restaurant, that was pretty dope!

will sure try the cow tongue. I heard its pretty good! 

I read my patriarchal blessing and my set apart blessing this week. That gave me a ton of strength. It said that your family is what will keep you going on your difficult mission. you've done well so far, so thanks for that. so a little about this week. I moved rooms and pulled out the bead lizards that katie made. Everyone loves them and wanted one. I gave them all one and they loved the idea of giving them to the kids. So thank you katie! We also had a minor earthquake which sadly i didn't feel. I talked to some people about Mexico City north. Apparently its pretty sketchy, but not as sketchy as other parts of the city. Oh and side note to dad. If you could send me all those quotes that I had in my young mens binder that would be great. And others if there are some. And Please for the love of everything holy, send me an alarm clock with the alarm of arrival to earth like I used to have. I am going to be driven to insanity with these other alarms. If there is an alarm clock that you could put a song on it in mp3 format just to set it as an alarm, that would make my two years so much more joyful. And my District is making huge strides in the right direction since i became the leader. We made some goals and are doing well. We also decided to work out in the mornings. So I will be even more swoll when i return. Watch out! and today we worked out with the CCM president, President Pratt! We are pretty much homies now.

Love ya'll,

Elder Finlinson

(This is Julie. Andrew sent some pictures too. I will post them on Saturday Night or Sunday. I am out of town so this is the best I can do for now!)

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