Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Thursday, July 17, 2014

P-Day is apparently Thursday!!!

Hola Familia! I found out quick where the good water was, so I don't have the carbonated water anymore. The weather here actually has been stellar! it's like 70 degrees all day long and then will usually rain around 5 to 7 pm It's like clock work so I know when I need an umbrella. But when it decides to rain... It really rains!  Regular days I have to wake up at 6 10 in the morning to shower which sucked the first 5 days because we didn't have warm water. It was literally Ice water coming down. We have it fixed now though. we have breakfast, personal study, lots of language classes, then how to teach investigators also in spanish, then more personal study, lunch, language on the computer, come back for more class, then gym until dinner, then we have to teach an investigator at night. I've taught 4 lessons in spanish so far. The first two were pretty bad honestly, but the third I remembered that dad gave me el plan de salvación. I used that and we taught an almost perfect lesson! It kept the investigators attention the whole time and our spanish was pretty decent. I've learned a lot of spanish already except its mostly just gospel nouns. I still struggle with conjugation and past and future tense. I surprisingly haven't been homesick at all. I have seen some of my old sky view friends and thats been nice. Also I've gained a lot of friends in my district. I found out I will be district leader starting week 4. I've fallen in love with the book of mormon, which sounds weird, but its almost an addiction. Since sunday after church, I am around page 130. I don't have a lot of extra time, but with the time I have thats what I do. My roommates are way cool, I like them a lot. My companion reminds me a lot of jordan larsen though.... so thats fun and I'm pretty sure he is trying to go home. He doesn't want to study ever and he just talks about his girlfriend all the time. 
On tuesday I played tennis with austin and got to talk with him quite a bit. Its way nice having him here and Its a good thing I'm here for him to because he lost his scriptures yesterday and I found them sitting in my hallway. I went to see whose they were, and of course it was his haha! I guess he left them the day before when we took a picture. I'll try to find out how to send pictures in a bit. I like the food here since its mexican of course. Except sometimes you have to be creative. one night we had bean and spaghetti tacos... which weren't horrible. basically you just put everything in a taco shell. I love the devotionals and videos here. They are so great. Oh yeah sunday is personal study, priesthood, then a district lesson which me and my companion have to teach. then sacrament which you get called on to speak out of the audience so you have to always be ready to give a talk in spanish. 

to finish the mail system here is pretty crappy and I heard sometimes they steal things out of the boxes you send, so you would have to put a picture of jesus or write may god protect this in spanish. or you could send things through Dear Elder or a sight something like  
It's good to hear about Jordan, and austin told me grandma heath passed. She is in a better place though. Actually in the MTC is Santiago Ramirez, Casey Krafts, Mason Hill, Zach Balls, and a kid from the mountain crest basketball team. the coaches son.  Most of my district is going to mexico city north, but my companion and a few others aren't. 

Sorry this message is all over the place. I'll get better as I go on. I just don't have a lot of time. 

 Love ya'll

Elder Finlinson

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