Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #15

I see that everyone is doing well at the moment. That's good. That sucks about the package! I`m so sorry because that is a ton of money wasted.(The package we sent wasn't able to be delivered because we had jerky in it..long story short, it was "abandoned", lesson learned! We sent another one out this morning minus the jerky.) Well week by week the investigators are different including who is progressing and who isn't. On Monday we visited some inactives that will be in our area with the stake president. We didnt know who we were going to visit beforehand but turns out she had been praying a lot because her husband is sick (he doesnt want a blessing though) Elder Candelario talked about the atonement and I told her about the power of prayer. She then started crying and President Centeno gave her a blessing of comfort and a blessing on the house, that was way cool. We then met a new member, we went to visit her and found out she was inactive and smoked all the way through her baptism. We talked about Christ and the atonement and watched the talk from President Monson from General Conference, she cried and then said that she wanted to come back to the church. She did attend church on Sunday, and we taught her sons on Saturday too. 
This week I hit day 100 of the mission so basically time is flying. I also saw a lamborghini and 2 ferraris.... in MEXICO!
We had a very powerful lesson this week with Alejandra (single mother of 2, and works in a bar) and Juan Manuel (Alejandra`s dad and is bed ridden because his diabetes took all of his strength in his legs, arms, and well basically everything. After not being able to find them the first month here, we have had 4 lessons with them. Juan has read a bit of the Book of Mormon and likes it, Alejandra didn't start until just barely (after we taught her more about the Book of Mormon) She actually wrote down questions and has been praying with her kids. She wants to receive an answer if its true or not really bad. We taught a lesson on the holy ghost and how receiving an answer can be a process. I cried in the freaking lesson because I`m a baby. I shared my story of having a prayer answered. At the end of the lesson she said she could feel something different this time. Usually she had been a bit tired during the lessons, but this time was very awake and had a lot of questions. We asked her if there was anything we could do for her. She said "Yes, pray for me that I wont have to work, and will be able to go to church this Sunday" She wanted to go to church and learned the power of prayer at the same time. We prayed, but then she got sick. So next time we have to pray for salud (I am guessing this means health) and work. We still had Jose Luis in the church even though we can never teach him, with his work schedule. 
This week was the primary program and there was a little girl a lot like Elsa in our ward. She was dressed as a princess and yelled the songs with all her might. 
Then to end off this week we ate with the Zeron Family. (we call them the swag family because they have a ton, I can't even describe the amount of swag they eminate) I talked with their 4 year old son who loves spiderman, he now really likes me and he kept calling me "Señor". I would reach for some food and he would tell me "Adelante Señor" (I think this means go forward or go ahead mister) every time. It was really cute, and he has the chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen in my life, even though he isn't chubby.

Also an invitation to all. At the end of each day count the blessings that you saw. You are more positive and you feel so much better at the end of the day knowing that God has blessed you.

Love you
Elder Finlinson
                              Andrew got a kick out of the sign..Asgard is where THOR lives.

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