Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter #14 Elder Flintstone

Language is pretty decent. I`m definitely not fluent, but I have now given a few blessings in Spanish. I like to see when other people have the confidence in me to choose me to give blessings. I sang “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys) for them, and we talked about genealogy with them to hopefully spark an interest. Right now they just want to be friends. Elsi left for Veracruz for 2 weeks, so yeah, haven’t seen her. Lilia we can’t see much either because she takes care of her mom most of the day somewhere else. This week was rough we only had 2 lessons. which we found out is the usual for this area. We had been getting more, not a ton, but more.

Double date sounds fun! (Finlinson and Lambs) Glad the dads didn’t hurt themselves.

Not everyone has a native looking companion, but most do. They just need to have someone who is fluent in Spanish.

I heard from Riley this week. He’s doing well, money is tight for him too it seems.

Hello siblings. Glad to hear that football is doing well...(USU and Sky View) oh and I guess it’s cool to hear from you guys too. Hope your lives are all good and stuff. Watch some Harry Potter for me. 

Well this week. We had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) that fell through, but we found a new potential investigator named Adea. We talked with Lilia who has read a bit of the book of Mormon.  Then came the crazy part; we were walking to a house when a guy saw us, we talked to him, he said that his life was miserable and he had planned on committing suicide this week. We talked about the love of god and the plan of salvation just in the street. At the end he gave us both a hug in tears and then he walked off. That was amazing to see, I guess everything happens for a reason. There is a reason that the Family Home Evening didn’t work out.

One person called me Elder Flintstone, which is a bit closer. They`ll get there one day. I saw an Audi r8 yesterday which was dope! I got sick on Wednesday, but still worked. I found out why the next day. My filter on my water bottle was unscrewed a bit somehow and I had been drinking crappy Mexican water for a whole day and a half.  I saw the stray horses again and had my camera this time. We also taught the son of the Stake President (which is a tradition in their family to have the missionaries teach their kids before baptism) I didn’t feel ok with it unless we asked for referrals, even though we already have before. I asked after the lesson and they told us about a little pueblito (town) that isn`t even in our records. We drove through it with them and we will go and work there. Nobody there has talked with missionaries before so hopefully we can have some success even though it’s way off the beaten path. 

That’s basically me right now

Love y’all

Elder Finlinson

Update: Gerrardo and his wife, well their baptismal dates fell because they didnt attend church, and we can`t ever get lessons with them because they work a ton. daniel got frustrated and a bit depressed that his baptismal date fell and he couldnt get baptized on his friends birthday, so he isn`t motivated at all right now to do anything. We cant even find him right now because he is always gone with other friends.

PS quote of the week. A little kid we see in our ward (the same one that sat by me the first week with a tag) always says "Aunque soy pequeño, soy un misionero!" (Even though I’m little, I’m a missionary!). I think that’s so cool to remember. He wants to be a missionary now and he´s only 5 maybe.

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