Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another great week! Letter #13

District Leader is  Elder Tapiero. One person that we had a family home evening with came to general conference. His wife is less active and he isn´t a member, but their daughters are active. They all came. The other investigators couldnt come. For conference we went to the church 10 minutes early and found no one there. We had to set up everything in spanish until halfway through the first talk. Out of 4 wards in the iglesia only 15-30 people were there the whole time. Then we went into the secretary´s office to watch in English. I wasn´t able to watch Packer´s talk or Eyring in the last session, because the computer wasn't working. I also loved the first and last session. Elder Bednar killed it. I just want to show it to all of our investigators. I listened to the spanish ones in spanish and actually understood so that was really nice! I haven't heard from Riley in weeks actually. Daniel-No lesson this week, Jose Luis-No lesson this week, but we talked with his son a bit.  Alejandra- had a lesson on Leer Orar, Iglesia with her, her dad, and kids, Fam Cerrano- canceled because of a surprise interview, and Fam Cerrano- the kid decided to go a different route to overcome his drinking problem rather than with us. I hope that they can all come back to the church too. 
Elder Candelario said he likes sour punch straws, whatever those are.

Well Week in review
Wettest day of my whole time in the mission. I had to change my clothes because It looked like I had jumped in a pool. I literally poured water out of my shoes. Had a lesson with an investigator named Elsi and we brought a couple in our ward. When we arrived there the husband was inactive, but he returned. They both bore testimony and then we found out Elsi hadn't heard from her son in 3 years. She didn't know where he was or how he was. She broke down in tears and then Hermano Nuñez just bore his testimony on faith. It was so powerful! He promised her that if she sincerely prayed that night she would know something of her son. She started crying and said thanks. It was amazing to see him bear testimony like that. I gave my first blessing in Spanish to Hermana Nunez. That was sure fun. We also met a woman named Lilia. We just shared an abreviated version of the 1 lesson with her and after we explained a little about the restoration she said she wanted to know more and that she knew Joseph Smith had authority. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon which she immediately wanted to read. So hopefully she progresses even more. Cool story. The "fancy cheese" here is squeeky cheese and string cheese.
The craziest part of the week. We were talking with a family and they asked what we liked to do before our missions. I said music, to which Elder Candelario immediately said that I sing well. (Sometimes I sing to the songs in the house, or sing songs as we walk.) They then proceeded to force me to sing for them. They named off bands they liked and the first one they said was Backstreet Boys. They made me sing them a Backstreet Boys song in the middle of a panaderia... people started watching me which I didn't like, but they all clapped after. Who knew that the Backstreet Boys would come in handy. They invited us to their house to talk more about the gospel because of it.
All in all. Good week again. Crazy its already been 3 months! I´m 1/8 done! time sure flies

 Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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