Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter #29....a few set backs.


News of the Investigators. 
Michelle (Hija de Jose Luis): she is really strong with the spirit, she has a real desire to learn and get baptized. This week, we taught her the Word of Wisdom, we asked her if she had any problems and she said no originally, we testified about it, and then promised blessings that she will receive if she continues. Then we were about to end with a prayer when she said she wanted to say something. She drank a bit of alcohol on new years... we testified of repentance and that God loves her and is grateful for her honesty. She then said she had drank coffee in the past few days and then just poured out her heart with everyone of her worries and needs. It was amazing. She needs some time for the repentance process before her baptism on Feb 22. Then Michelle said that her dad had smoked in the past 30 days....

Jose Luis: We could never get an appointment until Thursday. We planned to do a practice baptismal interview to help him to understand the sacredness of baptism and to truly repent. Basically the same thing happened. We did the interview and he read question number 4 (the worst one, where if you have problems with it you need an interview with President) he said no. We went on to the Word of Wisdom and he said no problems... we were confused and then he said he wanted to read #4 again. He then said he had done one of those things. He will also need time for repentance and an interview with President. We needed to verify the commandments for a 4th time. His new date is for Feb. 22 with his daughter.

Alejandra and Juan Pablo: they´re doing OK. We taught the Law of Chastity to them and they said that there is nothing wrong. Then when we commited her to live the commandment she seemed hesitant. That worries me. They couldn't come to church this week either because they were gone. Their baptismal date fell.  We will try to put a new one for Feb 15.

We couldn't go to the Visitors Center. Presidente said that the ward was going to leave too late for us to go. 

Great to hear from you all. Challenge for this week: Read the Book of Mormon this week personally with a question in mind and have that in your mind while you read. I can promise you that the scriptures tell us all the things we need to do. We can learn something new everytime because our situations are different.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

Transfers are next week so I asked Andrew what his preference was, transfer or stay in the area. This was his response: I would like a different area, but without having to pack up my stuff and I want to have Alejandra, Juan Pablo, Jose Luis, Michelle, and a few of the members. I don't think it's very possible... but that would be ideal. ha ha

 I started the "question every week" thing with the President and he responded. I asked how he and his wife felt when they were called. He said, overwhelmed and stuff but also that he had an interview with President Uchtdorf!

                        Elder Mendez (District leader), Andrew, Elder Toro, and Elder McInness

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