Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter #28

It will be hard to prepare Jose Luis. We already taught him the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and he doesn't have problems with that, we just need to have the other littler lessons. It's hard to teach him for lack of time. We will try to do the impossible. Also if all goes well we might go to the visitors center with Alejandra and her sons. Maybe Michelle and Jose Luis. The ward "says" they will bring investigators too. I hope so, that would be an amazing experience.
Something to teach in Family Home Evening Preach My Gospel based on the quotes from the prophets in the end of chapter one. Every Member a Missionary. Most people think of missionaries when they hear "mission work". Missionaries purpose is to help the members fulfill THEIR missionary responsibilities. Mission Manual (the little white bible) in the section of the members. 
Tender Mercies of the Lord... I haven't seen anything tender, but here´s a "miracle" story. After 3 or 4 appointments with Alejandra and her sons this week we have seen a lot of changes. Her sons always ask her when "los hermanos" are going to come. She has begun to read the Book of Mormon a lot more and reads the assigned chapter and from the start of the book also. She then went to church after saying she most likely won´t be able to. In the church she shared a story. A friend was bothering her about listening to the Mormons and saying that this life is for partying and God will forgive us in the end because He loves us. She then bore her testimony to him and said she has seen the blessings that the gospel brings and then taught him the plan of salvation. She is amazing. Also please pray for her. Her mom and sister are trying to kick her out of the house, she lost her job, and her separated husband won't give her money to pay for the kids. Even with that she is strong and keeps going with a smile. 

P.S. how do I write them my testimony? For mail, e-mail, who`s e-mail?

Good to see you all are alright,
Love you
Elder Finlinson 
(Also if it's possible I heard of a Spanish to English dictionary that has pictures and is by topics too. It has helped a lot of missionaries. It's called "the firefly Spanish/English visual dictionary" Jean-Claude Corbell Ariane Ardambault "Firefly books" (I want to dominate the language, not just speak and get by.))
                                                   Beautiful Sunrises over Mexico City

                                         Christmas gifts...pajamas and Harry Potter snuggie

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