Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter #26

With the people we teach, this week was hard. The only lessons we had weren't planned. A lesson would fall through and we asked ourselves, "Why are we here?". Every lesson this week fell besides one with a less active who has a testimony of nothing and basically doesn't want to return. We lost 2 investigators, Monica who we recently started to teach and Sandro who had baptismal dates before. He just doesn't want to keep the commitments that we leave with him, so he told us, its better that we just not waste our time. Jose Luis is never there when we go for our lessons. We contacted his daughter and she is a bit more excited. She came to church with him a week ago and had questions. The only bright spot of this week was that Alejandra said she really wants to get baptized. She has a date for February 1st. Hopefully we can prepare her and have the lessons. Oh and also in ward counsel we talked about mission work for the first time so that was cool. Daniel and Gerrardo don't want to listen or change. 

Comix hamburgers (I asked what he ate last week at the restaurant). On Monday its 2 for 1. The sons of the Stake President- Jorge was assistant to the president in the mission 5 years ago, Daniel- 23 yrs, high counsel over mission work, David-21 Elders quorum president. All served missions. They cooked every time, but that one.( They ate with the Stake President's family 3 times the week before so I asked Andrew if they ate out all three times or if they cooked some of the times.) Jorge invited us and paid for us because he was going back to Austria where he works as an engineer. 

Chris doesn't write me much so I don't know ( A friend I asked about). Sometimes I send the week report to Austin, I haven't e-mailed Dallin much. Only Austin emails me a little short message. 

New years was quite the experience. December 31 we did our normal stuff and opened the door to go work. We share a gate with our neighbor which for the first time in my mission was shut. The neighbors weren't there. We looked for a key, but we don't have one. Long story short we were locked in our house. I cleaned my stuff and then we did our weekly planning. January 1 finally someone came to help us (our ex-mission leader) he pried the door open with a hammer screwdriver. He basically broke the gate. The good thing is that he helped us and we were able to leave and work. The neighbors still aren't back. 

Thank you so much for the gifts. I got them finally. I loved the bubble wrap... and some of the others too. The ties were awesome and all the other stuff. I really like the pajamas, they`re super comfy. Elder Mendez says I look ridiculous in them, but I don't care.(I got him a camo union suit from Lazy One for his p.j's) Elder Toro also loved his stuff. Everything was super nice. Thank you so much!!
I got both.( I asked him if he received both packages.) I didnt open the snuggie yet!! I was thinking that I would be transfering to a new area at the start of February so I didn't risk opening it. I thought it was a blanket and it would be hard to put back in. Haha that's flipping awesome though. 

I put in other insoles.(At Christmas he showed us the big hole in the insole of his shoe, at first we thought it was his shoe!) It's all good. For my birthday... I don't know, really I have everything I need. Maybe if you guys could pick your favorite scripture and write your testimony of that scripture. I really don't know. (If anyone wants to send me their favorite scripture with their testimony, I will send it to him. I would need them within a week. Email me at I hope to have lots to send him!)

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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