Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, March 9, 2015

Letter #35

Well this week was better, we had more lessons and found 2 new investigators, Ester and her daughter Alma. They didn't go to church though. The only ones that are going to church can't be baptized because the divorce takes forever and the other is only home at night on Saturday and Sunday. We couldn't teach Maria Fuentes, or Carlos and his mom this week. The reason why.... This week is the biggest holiday that they celebrate in Xahuento and Tultepec. The week where they burn the crazy firework bulls and have Fireworks all night. It is the celebration to worship the Catholic Saint of the Firework Makers.... Yeah apparently that is a thing. This saint protects and helps the firework makers to have work. Literally 65% or more of the people here make Fireworks for a living, all year long. This week is their week of rest more or less when the people just drink a bunch of micheladas (special kind of beer with Chili sauce). Pretty pointless, but basically nobody can do anything this week because the people are either not home or drunk. People came from all over, Canada, U.S., Japan and more. The holiday ends on March 16 supposedly. Look it up on the internet.
I did receive the dictionary and that thing is crazy, I will be learning words in Spanish and English. I had a cool experience though, we were looking for the house of an inactive and we knocked on a door we thought could be right, it wasn't, but we decided to contact the lady that answered, we figured out her sister had died and she didn't understand why, we gave her the pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation. Later this week we returned and found out she read it and her mom is reading it. She was interested and so we tried to put an appointment. She can't right now because she has to take her daughter to the hospital everyday for a month. So we gave her the pamphlet of the Restoration and told her we would pass by later. I then felt to ask her if she knew any members. She said that her aunt was a member. Turns out her aunt is an inactive that we didn't know about so that was cool.

Thanks for the story that was sweet. Elder Scott and Elder Espinoza and My misión leader were surprised, Elder Candelario, not so much. He already knew I was a man.(About the pepper challenge they had last week.) In Alamedas we had a salsa of pure habanero that we didn't know was habanero. Haha that's funny that they did a challenge like that with the peppers. ( Connor and some friends.) We also did a chubby bunny challenge. The one with the marshmallows, this Sunday when we ate with our mission leader.

Also I don't know why, but my misión leader told me to ask you if you could send Little mini missionary dolls. (one that is a Mexican)

Thanks for everything
Love you
Elder Finlinson  

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