Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter #36

Flip, you visited every place in New York! That sounds so cool!

We taught Carlos, but it didn't go well. We were caught off guard and didn't teach with the spirit. We are just hoping we can have one more chance with him and this time with his family, not just him. We contacted the inactive aunt, she is full blown catholic. She thought Latter-day SAINTS meant that we believed in the catholic saints... She left the church because nobody visited her when she was sick. (members say they visited her)

Transfers are this week. Elder Espinoza will go and be in a trio. I will train again. Elder Candelario is now the presidents assistant. We never know who we will train. We show up at the meeting Tuesday morning and they tell us there on the spot.

The holiday was interesting. The people said it was super busy, but it was basically just fireworks every other night. On Saturday night there was a ton all through the night, so it was harder to sleep. It was raining almost everyday this week, so they couldn't do the pyro-musicals (they shoot fireworks with the music).

Well this week was a bit harder. We didn't have many lessons so we just looked for new investigators. We looked for old investigators that had been taught, we contacted people on the way and we asked everyone if there was someone else that we could help and teach. We set a lot of appointments, the majority fell, but we had one on Sunday. We had the posibility to find 17 new investigators Sunday, all the citas fell, but we felt to return to one of them and we found the family. We taught them, Audon and Elizabeth and there 3 kids. We didn't have a ton of time so we couldn't invite them to baptism, but they are really nice, (so nice they offered us a big cup of coffee) and we have another appointment on Tuesday. 

Highlights of the week. Seeing little kids (7, 8) driving motorcycles by themselves in the street. Seeing a 12 year old kid driving a huge truck by himself, also seeing a family of 5 on one motorcycle. 

La invitacion. read Matthew 4:19,20. (I think those are the verses) Jesus invites some fishers to follow him. They respond immediately and follow Christ. They leave their nets and follow. What are our spiritual nets that impede us from following Christ now?

Love You
Elder Finlinson

                                                                 His former district.
                                          One of the bulls that was part of the parade and then lit up with fireworks.

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