Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, March 23, 2015

Letter #37

Elder Morfin and I are good. He is from Chiapas Mexico and is 20. He has been a member for a year and a half and is the only member in his family. Its almost like having a baby. I am learning patience because he needs help in a lot of things, but he has the disposition to learn more. We haven´t been able to find Carlos this week. Technically the rainy season doesn't start until May or so, but it has rained almost every other day here. Audon y Elizabeth are ok. They were out of town this weekend. We have another appointment with them today. The goal is that Elder Morfin invites them to be baptized. Thomas and his mom haven't been attending church (they are the members in the family) but they want to share the gospel. We need to help them exercise their faith. I haven't heard of Alejandra recently. I have no way to know.

Elder Scott still is my zone leader and is training another person (Elder Toledo) to be a zone leader. Elder Toledo arrived in the mission with me. For p-day we have almost nothing of time. We live 25 minutes away from where we have to go to eat and do shopping. The most free time we have here on p-day is 35 minutes, like today. Today Elder Morfin wanted a nap, so I was cool with that. There are no hikes here, literally there is almost nothing to do and there is a rule that we can only be with one other companionship. Only 4 missionaries together. And there aren't teenagers that we know in Xahuento except one (Thomas, but he works all day). ( I asked Andrew if he plays ball with teenagers in the area or other missionaries or something on p-day because he never says that he does anything for fun on p-day. That was his response.) Elder Espinoza is in a different area.

I prepared my testimony and tried to upload it to facebook like they told me (with permission from president) and to send it by email, but nothing worked. ( This was in response to my telling him that for ward conference they were trying to have Andrew bear his testimony through video but it didn't work.) My clothes are good, and yeah I got the dog tag, its sweet!

Cool stuff of Xahuento. So this month we have had the focus of finding new investigators. We have been taking advantage of every opportunity to find people. I noticed something. We had changed the way we were thinking. Constantly trying to do something more. With that God helped us. This week we found 10 new investigators and not only that, instead of having to contact people in the street, people have contacted us. I can really say that I have seen the hand of the Lord in the work this week. Training again is cool. Elder Morfin wants to grow and get better. He feels behind because he only has a year and a half in the church. His testimony is really strong and that propels him forward. We have had a focus of learning this week.
Ether 12:27, 37 
I had never seen verse 37 before. I knew verse 27, but 37 I love. "and because you have seen your weakness you will be strengthen"

That is the invitation for this week Ether 12:27,37 recognize your weakness, then ask for the help of Christ

Love you, 
Elder Finlinson

PS: There aren't photos this week because this computer is horrible and doesn't recognize my camera. 

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