Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, April 11, 2016

Letter #92

We get the Liahona. We get it normally about 2 months later.

The area (Ciudad Labor) is just congested.  We have a washing machine here!!!!!!! ( This is a big deal!)

Today for p-day we played soccer with the Elders from Chilpa (Elder Lopez and Elder Barney) and another member and Fabiola. It was fun. I actually killed it. (I scored many goals).

Fabiola and Berenice are not smoking and are really happy with all the changes they are making in their lives. They are loving the church and enjoying all the new things they are learning. Also this week we found two new investigators named Margarita and Alberto. They are an older couple and have been married for 51 years. They came to church this week and they loved it. They want to help their granddaughter who is struggling in her life right now. 

One happy moment of the week is that Fabiola, Berenice, Margarita, and Alberto could come to church! They really liked the class we taught too about Our Heavenly Father in Gospel principles. 

Today I would like to talk a little bit more about the Atonement of Christ and the blessings that come as we use it. Matthew 11:28-30 says that we must come unto him because we are burdened and heavy laden. What does the phrase burdened and heavy laden mean to you? To me it has meant many things. Sadness, sorrow, fatigue, sins, and much more. What I do know is that whatever burden you may have, Christ has suffered it and much more. He overcame it. Many times we get stuck in the suffering part, but through Christ WE TOO OVERCOME IT. That is the spirit of the Atonement. We all have our own struggles and weaknesses, but as we look to Christ we can have hope. One invitation I would like to extend you is to read and or listen to the talk by Elder Holland from Last April. Christ helps us overcome our own falls and is the only one on which we can hold on to.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson
 Elder Servin, my companion 
The view out of my window at night.

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