Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter #94

* Story behind the picture I received in my email this week from a member in Mexico. We were walking in the street to visit someone with Brother Lopez when we saw the car. I said "I need a picture with this car, but I don't have my camera." So he took the picture and I told him to send it to you. 

I have had dogs try and attack, but that haven't had success. *When asked about any animal encounters.

Elder Servin does everything from his heart, and tries his best. *Favorite thing about his companion.

The Best and Worst of each of the areas he has served in:
Alamedas: Best- They fed us very well and we lived 4 missionaries together. Worst: Pride and a tiny area.
Xahuento: Best- more humble. Worst- NO Members.
Huehuetoca: Best- The ward, and area were great. Worst- Washing clothes by hand.
Xalpa : Best- We lived really close to the church. Worst- House problems and we couldn't wash clothes much.
Tepeji: Best- The view, small town feel, people are very receptive. Worst- Not much member support.
Ciudad Labor :Best- The house. Worst- We never eat with the members.

This week it was hardish. Margarita and Alberto were telling us that they don't want to get baptized and continue in the church. We listened to them and felt that we needed to talk about the genealogy work for the dead. Their expressions changed and they were very intrigued. They decided they wanted to know more. Fabiola and Berenice didn't come to church. Fabiola had a rash and Berenice let all her work of the year add up and now she is in crunch time with doing the year totals in her work. 
I did give a talk this week it was about something that Thomas S. Monson said. "We know where we want to go and our choices matter." Pres. Eyring said that Gods purpose and our purpose should affect every decision we make. Our purpose in in Moroni 10:32-33. Be perfected in Christ. We do that through covenants and his Atonement. We go to church, read the scriptures, and pray, etc. to be perfected in Christ. It's not just a checklist of requirements to enter into heaven. 

I invite you to do those small things, thinking of Your purpose and Gods purpose.

Funny experience: My companion and I were walking by and saw a group of women about 30 years old with their kids. As we passed by they all stared. Later in the day we stopped on a street to look at our agenda. As we were standing there one of those same ladies passed by us and says, "I`m Denise! I am 29 years old and I live in that red house!" Then her 9 year old kid starts yelling Spanish pick-up lines.... it was weird.

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

Brother Lopez sent this picture of Andrew and Herbie the Love Bug!

 The Mauricio Family was baptized!!! This is a family Andrew taught in Xahuento but they couldn't get baptized because they were not divorced from former spouses. They were able to get divorced, married and baptized! So happy for them. 

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