Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, April 18, 2016

Letter #93

My favorite thing about Ciudad Labor is the view, the house, and the members want to work.
The main employment-... there isn't one, but the majority work in Mexico City and get back about 7:30 at night.

Best thing I ate this week- Dominos pizza. The worst- I don't know, the thing I don't like much is that we never eat with the members. They are never home at that time so they just give us a bit of money to go buy something.

I have not had any animal encounters here in Ciudad Labor.

This week we have been pretty busy with a lot of visits. I actually taught a lesson in English to someone who just got here from Chicago. She did not want anything the 2nd time we went because she looked up the comments on Joseph Smith on the internet. 

We did see a miracle though. This Sunday no one that we were teaching came to church for a lot of different excuses and reasons. I was feeling pretty bad for a bit, but then as we were walking in the street 3 different people contacted us and said that they wanted to learn more about Christ and find out how to get closer to God. That experience helped me to know that God has a plan and that he knows what is happening in our lives. If we trust in him he will put things in order and lead us to success. 

Hope everyone is doing well and I just want to remind you all that you are children of God. You have divine priviledges as you follow the counsel of a loving Heavenly Father. He is always there to help us. It may be hard to do all that he asks us to do, or to make changes in our lives to align our lives with Gods will, but it is always what will bring us happiness in the end. 
I invite you to think of your blessings as a child of god. Romans 8:16-17

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

 Cleaning his 'favorite' wall. 
The finished product!

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