Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, May 23, 2016

Letter # 98

Fabiola is the same, but we have other families and investigators that are progressing. I will teach in zone conference explaining what each one is (doctrine, principle and application) and why we should study them. Then have two practices one looking for the doctrine in the scriptures and then the second practice I will hand them a paper describing an investigator and a situation and they will put what doctrine principle and application this person could need.
That is great for Jordon, let's hope that they're looking towards the temple. ( A cousin that got engaged.)

One of the greatest things I have learned in the mission is that all this is true. I grew up almost the whole time with a borrowed testimony, going through the motions, but now I love the church and the gospel!
One talent or skill that I have developed. Talking in public. I still am not a super crazy social guy, but by teaching meetings, contacting in the streets, and contacting entire buses, I am getting over my fear of speaking in public.
A couple of great things this week. The church attendance went up by 17 this week because a ton of less active members came to church. Not all of them came because we taught and invited them, but some (about 12) did. I am convinced that if the active members did their part in home teaching and visiting teaching many (not all) less active members would be active. 

Also we are teaching a family. The Alegria family. The dad is a member inactive and his wife and 3 daughters are not members. We had taught the wife and daughters and they have said many times that their family is falling apart. This week we met the Dad for the first time. He was drunk, but as we were teaching, his daughters started to testify to their dad that this is the chance God is giving them to have a happy family and to change. His heart was softened and in the end he said the prayer and asked forgiveness for all the horrible things he had done to his family. We felt the spirit a lot! They are starting to progress little by little. 
Thinking about the priesthood. I think that many times we overlook how big of a responsibility that it is to have the priesthood. The impact of a good wife (as with Elder Nelson) is huge for a priesthood holder. We must always be ready and worthy to use the priesthood. Also the priesthood is more than just giving blessings or performing ordinances. It is the power and authority of God for the salvation of his children. We must visit and help others to participate in the blessings of the gospel. That is our call.
Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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