Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter # 9

There is a a lot of flavor in some, and in others there isn´t much.( This was in answer to my question about the fruit water) Its crazy because literally everything that I had in the CCM for meals, I´ve had here too. Except here is better. Chicken cordon bleu, tons of "pan dulce" (different kinds of donuts, breads, and other stuff that I have no name for, flan, jello with other jello squares inside, soups, carne asade is really good, Cactus is good. I don´t like the candy with chili, and amazingly I still don´t like mayonaise even in Mexico. I´ve been able to choke down other sauces, but I think I almost died eating the corn with mayonaise and chili on it. Tuna fruit has a ton of seeds inside. It is really, really rich in flavor. It tastes like nothing I´ve had before. 

Around the apartment I speak both English and Spanish. I try to speak Spanish when I can, but it is hard sometimes because I don't know how to say everything. The package was amazing. I loved everything. Especially the sour watermelons, they don't have them here. The music has been amazing. We have been able to play Elder Frasers ipod on it because he didn't have anything to listen to his ipod with. The army of helaman in English and Spanish wasn´t on there for some reason. 

Well this week we had an investigator attend church. We haven´t even taught him a lesson, just bore testimony because he is always busy, its Gerrardo. We said we´d come over and get him from his house and show him where the church is. We were locked outside his street because its a private road. I said a prayer that a person would come outside and sure enough, immediately his dad walked out. His dad doesn´t really like us, but he opened the gate for us without us asking! Heavenly Father sure answers prayers. I really hope things work out with him. He is amazing. He is 23, has a wife, and a 3 year old daughter, and a 1 year old son. They are all amazing and need to be an eternal family. 
More cool stories. We had a lesson with a family of some members in our ward here. They drink a ton. We had the lesson and invited them to be baptized. They accepted at the time. On the way home the little son of the member family told me, "thank you, Elder Finlinson, for inviting them to be baptized." Then His dad told us, "Elders, I have been praying to God for a long time for missionaries to help this family. Now finally you are here, thank you for answering my prayers." Its amazing to be a part of this work. Especially when you get told things like this. 
In church it was testimony meeting and  people just flooded the pulpit to share testimonies. It was amazing to see, I have never seen anything like it. At 15 minutes over the sacrament meeting limit the bishop had some young men serve as bouncers so that no one else could go up haha! 
This week we visited Rancho Blanco which is a very very poor part of our area. People aren´t educated and they live in tiny concrete shacks with only one room for a kitchen and beds and everything. It was amazing to see these people still happy as ever. I felt so sad for them and their conditions, but they were still so happy and grateful for everything.
And it was funny because we were outside one house and a little kid was outside. We asked if his parents were home.Then he ran in yelling, "Los hombres raros están afuera!" It was pretty funny. (I guess that means the men that are undercooked or rare are here.)

I´ll admit sometimes I get a little homesick here, missing, family, friends, music, movies, etc. but then I get to share my testimony with someone and all that melts away. The harder you work the better the experience is. 

Love you
Elder Finlinson
                                          Mexican Holiday is coming up so they are getting ready.

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