Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 22, 2014

New update...letter #11

We can only go to the temple if one of our investigators go, so probably won´t have that chance. Finally got gas, but we always have to pay extra expenses for something so we have to budget very carefully. I can´t try out recipes because there isn't time or money. We don't get back until 9 and aren't finished working until 10 at night. We don´t eat dinner ever which sucks. The weather isn't as rainy anymore. I heard the rain goes away in the winter, but it gets cold. That's why I asked for sweaters. I also need another pair of shorts. I somehow lost mine when a member washed the clothes. I have lost a sock, garment top and shorts, and my clothes half the time come back dirtier than before. We just walk around the water the best we can. ( I had asked him what he does when the water is high in the streets.) The real problem is that my umbrella is a little broken. 

Interesting things of Mexico: they sell gallon size hair gel, but don´t sell regular size deodorant (priority issues) and they use a ton of cologne.
I saw 3 stray horses walking in the streets.
I ate a fruit tamale which was amazing. 
Nobody can say my name. It's always either "the elder whose name I cant pronounce" or it sounds like a Chinese person is saying it.
Airplanes flew over on their Independence Day just like on the 4 of July in Delta.

We aren´t supposed to eat on the streets and we wouldn't have the money to eat that much. In the mission they give you just enough money to scrape by. ( I asked Andrew if he was able to buy anything off the street before he got home at night.) Black champion shorts are gone, and 3 buttons on my pants have popped off. 2 in the first week in the CCM just for future reference for Connor. Also we have an investigator, Diego who does origami and has some interesting views of God. He is very scientific and is a pro skateboarder I think. We haven´t sang, but my comp says I have a good voice and should sing more. (in response to asking if he had had any more singing lessons. I totally agree with his companion!)

Cool scripture proverbs 22:6 with the stripling warriors comparision. Doubt not for their mothers (parents) knew it.
Serve a mission = no other Gods before me.

Daniel committed to live the word of wisdom, as far as I know he is still going with it. We had an investigator Jose Luis attend church with us this Sunday. We still haven't seen Gerrardo since then. 

For family home evening you could teach the restoration, just like we are doing. (I asked him for different ideas for Family Home Evenings this is what he came up with.)

-Heavenly Father wants whats best for us just like a regular parent, but we need to obey to get what we want.
-Gospel blesses families
-Prophets ex: use your fist and have a little kid use their fist and try to follow the same pattern as you are with your fist. Then tell them to close their eyes and try. They cant follow, just like we cant follow god without a prophet. With their eyes still closed hold a pen and have them hold it too. They can now follow. Pen = Prophet
-Apostasy many different activities I´m sure you can think of one
-Book of Mormon is a letter directly from your father in heaven telling you exactly what you need to do to receive hapiness. obviously you´d open a letter from your parents and read it. Its the same here. 
-end with prayer

Hope that helps.

P.S. Pray for the Alamedas Ward. I don´t want to tell you what's wrong, but it's not good. They need help.

Love you
Elder Finlinson

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