Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 29, 2014

Things are great in Mexico! Letter #12

Mom, we have pop-tarts. I´m doing just fine with eating. I can survive. People in Africa and stuff are a lot worse off. We can't scramble eggs anymore because we can´t use the stove, but we bought peanut butter even though its freaking expensive. Right now I'm just using my belt. I´ll try to sew them sometime. (In response to the buttons falling off his pants during laundry). I handed out a lizard to a kid with autism this week. He loved it until he found out he could undo it. Then he just threw, rolled the beads around... we didn´t have a lesson with Daniel or Jose Luis. They were never "ready for a lesson" or weren´t there. Really all I am missing or really desiring is sour watermelons/grapefruits and Christmas music.

Actually we had a lesson with Gerrardo and his wife yesterday and both accepted baptism! David Josúe (the drinker in the family that was scared) came to church and we have a lesson with him Tuesday. David Josue is the son. It is the familia Cerrano. As of right now (the baptism for Gerrardo and his wife) it's either November 9th or 12th . I don't remember. In Mexico they have to go to church 5 times before baptism because of the horrible retention here. Thank you, the prayers are really working! 

This week I had splits for the first time. I went over with the district leader in his area. Their people are actually there for their appointments which was a new one for sure. We taught 3 lessons and I liked it a lot. Then it was way cool on Thursday. We have a person in our ward that is a branch president in the CCM. He said that he had new missionaries coming in this week and wanted to know if we knew any. I thought that was a long shot, but then I saw someone that I recognized... ELDER DORITY! 

This week I have really noticed the importance of marrying a member and in the temple. Most of the inactives are a part family. It's too easy to fall away. 

We were challenged to read Preach My Gospel and in one section about working with members it says that the members are the key and there is a way cool quote from President Hinckley if you can find it. It reminded me of Romans 1:16 

Also this week we had a lesson with an inactive family that had some inside problems with the ward and that's why they're not going to church. We did the atonement with push ups, if you have heard that story. I did 20 push ups for each person to "get a ticket to Heaven" kind of thing and it was really powerful. After that, they invited us over to their sons birthday party who was turning 30. We went, had cake,  met their family and we might be able to teach one of their relatives!

All in all, good stuff this week

Love you, 
Elder Finlinson
                                                  Andrew's Halloween Costume this year....

                                                            A view from his apartment.

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