Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter #10

List of possible things I need. 1. sweaters that are a solid color. I brought 5 but can only wear one because the others have stripes. And for songs I quite like Paul Crandall which I´ve heard lately and piano guys. Anything instrumental I love. ( This is in response to me asking if there is anything he would like us to send in the October package.)
First off, Happy birthday to Cole! I felt guilty all week because as soon as I logged off last week I remembered that I didn´t say anything. I even wrote it in my agenda to remember.
So this week we went back to the grind. Our apartment is out of gas and we don´t know where to get more or how to buy it. So we have cold showers again and can't use the stove. 
I don´t know why or how but there is a  ton of Jehova Witnesses here. I have seen them everywhere this week. The funny part is that the people don´t really like them coming. We got on a bus yesterday and the bus driver told me I needed to pay one more peso. I returned to give him it and then he asked if I was a Jehova Witness. I said no I am from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He said "good" and then I didn´t even have to pay the peso. Then today Jehova witnesses came to our house. That was interesting. We ate chinese food yesterday, that was cool. A lady in our ward loves learning languages and cultures and right now is obsessed with china. I was happy. It was funny because after a zone meeting we walked passed a bunch of school girls and they ran over and followed us for about 1/4 of a mile to ask Elder Fraser and I where we were from, then they giggled and left. It was kinda funny. Elder Candelario and Elder Mendez call us "guapo" because that kind of stuff happens fairly often. Well this week I have been marking up my scriptures because mine don´t have tabs and its hard for me to find stuff sometimes. I have a scripture for almost every point in preach my gospel lessons now. We had some people accept baptism dates but not attend church because one, it was his birthday and out of town, and the other had a late night party since yesterday, today, and tomorrow is their "independence day" Its pretty cool and we have received many mexico gifts. My favorite investigator that we have right now is a reference and a friend of a future missionary in our ward. His name is Daniel and is 16. He is super nice and accepted a baptism date on his friends birthday OCT 18. He has read the Book of Mormon chapter we assigned and said he has been praying, just not specifically. He says he feels good when he prays. He is literally of gold. The only problem is that he has been addicted to smoking for 3 years. He started when he was 13. I would have never thought that because he is so nice and perfect. He has even convinced his mom to let him join the church. He likes that the church has a program to help him quit smoking. Pray for Daniel.
Also this week we answered a prayer. An investigator that we have been trying to have a lesson with for 4 weeks finally had time randomly. We didn't even have a set time to teach we just stopped by. We taught lesson 1 to Alejandra 26ish, her dad Juan Manuel probably 55 and home bound( his diabetes took away all his strength and muscle, he can barely move), and her mom Guadalupe. After the lesson Guadalupe told us she had been praying that her husband could here the word of God because he cant go to church. Then she said we were the answer to this prayer! It was way cool.  I can only take pictures of investigators when they are baptized, so fingers crossed. 
Haven't been able to talk to Gerrardo because of work and the holiday stuff. The other family hasn´t responded to us and the family in the ward wasn´t here this Sunday. We will try again this week. They said yes (to baptism) but now they are embarrassed to see us because they think we´ll judge them. 

Companionships are usually anywhere from 3 months to 6, usually 4 and a half months. There is a "transfer" soon, but because I'm in training I won´t be changed I'm pretty sure. (I had asked how long a companionship usually was and about transfers. We really like Elder Candelario and are grateful Andrew has such a great trainer!)

I forgot the best part of the week!! We played basketball for contacts. If we win you have to listen to the message of the gospel. It was us 4 against 6 mexicans. Elder Fraser and I balled out and Demolished them. We even had a fan section start up which was pretty cool. We got those contacts and later some people from the stands came over and talked to us so we got them too. 8 contacts from playing basketball. That's the way to go!!!

Love you
Elder Finlinson

                                         Having Fun Celebrating Mexico's Independence Day!

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