Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, September 1, 2014

Letter #8

Well I ended up not having to give a talk after I had prepared one. My companion had to, I don´t know why.  I´ve eaten lots of spaghetti (varied types) and  lots of chicken. I've had all sorts of "water" with fruit in it. My favorite is either the guava, cantaloupe, or tuna (the fruit not the fish). My companion and I get along great, we are both pretty alike. We haven´t been able to get a hold of Alan. In fact this week all of our appointments except one fell. We had like 20 to begin with. We now have Angelica who doesn´t want to go to church, but has "faith" and I hope that Gerrardo and his family will work out. Cool story with Gerrardo. We haven´t even taught him a lesson. We just talked to him yesterday and then bore testimony. In my not so great spanish I felt like I should ask "Que piensa que le falta in su vida" he then told us that his mom died and he wants to feel peace with it and that he want´s to know what church is right. We then bore testimony and he asked us where the church is. We met them and he is the perfect investigator except that he smokes. He has the same desire as Joseph Smith, what church is right. I haven´t heard anything about an ipad, that would be really nice though, because my area is freaking rich. I have had rides in 2 Audis this week and we ate a 5 star 5 course meal in a MANSION overlooking the city this week. A soup (similar to your shrimp bisque), spaghetti (fancy kind), vegetable medley, chicken, and a special mexican bread with a heavenly sauce. And they make you have at least seconds of everything here in Mexico. If I don´t gain weight here it will be a miracle.
I think that the USU Wake Forrest game is a legit excuse. Dear Connor, you do what you want, don´t let them force you into going. Stay strong! ( This is in response to me writing about my son Connor not wanting to go to Homecoming because of the USU/Wake Forest game.)

This week quick summary:
We blessed 2 homes
I have seen like 3 cars with BYU stuff on them, they really do have fans everywhere.
1 peter 1:7
I was sick with a cold most of the week and still am a bit.
In the Latino culture, the girls kiss on the cheek when they greet you, I have actually had to dodge kisses here from teenage girls (good thing it is a natural response for me).
I guess I look like woody (from Toy Story) to some of the family of the ward mission leader.
I have never seen more tricked out cars, with lights and crap that glow.
And lastly today we had singing lessons with a guy who was baptized 6 years ago, but never confirmed. He has to get rebaptized and is taking the lessons from the other missionaries.

Love you
Elder Finlinson
                                         Elder Finlinson and his companion Elder Candelario
Elder Fraser catching some z's on the floor!

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