Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #21

I think that I will be able to skype on Christmas but I´m not sure. I dont know anything about what will happen. 
With Jose Luis we can't have an appointment with him for anything, he is always gone. The last 10 appointments with him have fallen. Even though he attends church, he can't get baptized without the lessons. In the church he said he doesn't have the testimony that this is the correct church. He also told us that he thought that someone was pressuring us to baptize him, so that doesn't sound like a good sign. Alejandra is doing great. She couldn't go to church this Sunday, but she does have the testimony and experiences to back it up. I think she will be the first baptism honestly in my mission. We also committed another person named Lilia Gonzalez Espinosa. She has already read almost all the Book of Mormon. We´ll see how that turns out. 
That´s crazy that Connor's (Geslin) farewell already passed! when he read his call it seemed like forever away, but now he is almost ready to go, Chandler too! Thats crazy to me how fast time goes by. Thanksgiving sounds like it was fun. Here thanksgiving was just a regular work day. Nothing special. I hope that Logan gets in to Dixie and can play some football. That would be amazing!! I also love the quote from sacrament meeting of "Never let an earthly experience disable you spiritually". ( I heard that in a sacrament meeting I attended this past Sunday and sent it on to Andrew) That's way cool, and I can share that with a lot of people here. 

This week we ate with a former General Authority in our ward. He was a 70 and has had basically every high up position there is in the church. He gave us a lot of insight in the mission work. We also had a meeting with the Mission President and he said something really cool. "The Keys to mission work reside with the ward and their leaders, the keys of the Mission President are for the missionaries." He stressed the importance of the members in mission work, which I am seeing now more than ever. This week it has also started getting cold in the nights and mornings. Overnight it will get to about 40 degrees and we wake up and get out of bed at about 50 degrees. I think I might write earlier next week, so FYI.

One thing I would like to stress is the importance of a testimony. In the definition of a testimony it is knowledge and then a spiritual confirmation. We need to read the words of the prophets and go to church, etc... and then pray to receive a confirmation of what we learned and God will send the Holy Ghost upon us to bear witness of the things we learn. Everyone needs to get their own testimony, so that is an invitation for everyone. 

Love you,
Elder Finlinson

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