Called To Serve

Called To Serve
Mexico, Mexico City North

Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter #25

I found the debit card. It was at Galerias, they saved it for me. When we study with the assitants they come to our apartment. This week we studied with the zone leaders. They don't bring stuff (packages or letters). I get the letters from Grandpa and Grandma from dear Elder. Sadly I already have a resistance band. I cant do much with it. It does a little more but it's not the same as weights in the gym for sure. 
Wow Connor that's awesome, 30 is way good. (Comment for his brother Connor who received a 30 on the ACT first try.)
Well this week we contacted a dude from Romania. That was cool. I studied with the zone leaders. They are way cool. On Sunday us 4 missionaries (Elders Mendez, McInnes, Toro and Andrew)gave talks. It was actually way cool. I didn't even read anything except 2 quotes from General Conference and it was a talk for like 9 minutes in Spanish. I talked about hastening the work of salvation by going to the rescue of others. It was really cool. I used the talk from Chi Hong Wong in General Conference with a little bit different spin, Matthew 7:21 and said that just because we go to church, scriptures, pray, have a good calling, doesn't mean we are doing all the will of the Father. To do His will we need to bring others to Christ. When you rescue others you can be rescued. It was about the need of home teachers and vistiting teachers, and preaching the gospel. Then I said we will one day stand before God and He will tell us that He put a lot of people in our path to help and lead to Christ and then will ask us if we helped them. We will "Rendir Cuentas" (which I have no idea how to say in English).(Layne says it means held accountable.)
Then today we ate with the stake president and his family for the 3rd time this week. This time we went to a restaurant called comicX.  It is so cool. There are superhero statues everywhere. I forgot my camera but I will see If I can get the photos from the other elders later so you can see them. It was so cool, but also a huge temptation because they played lots of my favorite songs there and they had tv`s with Avengers and then Dark Knight... so yeah.
Oh and we invited the daughter of Jose Luis to church and she actually went which was way cool. We also passed by a person that has always told us "some other day" and this time he let us enter. He told us of all his problems physically and temporally, we gave him a blessing and then talked briefly about Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. Then he accepted to be baptized on February 8. Hopefully he will actually progess and learn more. His name is Javier Ramos.

It was cool to see you guys
Love Elder Finlinson
                                                     Andrew's Preach To All Pictures :)

                             The Stake President's Family at the ComicX Restaurant with the Elders.

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